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Outdated D-Troxx's Custom 200BX 1.0.1

This mod adds more parts to the Ibishu 200BX

  1. Suspension Fix

    Temporary fix for the suspension.
    Suspension will be fully updated in the next update.

    Files changed:

    The rest stayed the same.
  2. Out of Beta Update

    Revamp of the 200BX Mod!

    This update is a complete overhaul of the old mod + new stuff.
    Most of the parts have been moved to the Original 200BX of BeamNG, so no more seperate vehicle for this mod.

    All the original parts of the old mod that did get in this mod have been checked and updated.
    On top of that some new parts have been added like the Ute body and some engines.
    Unfortunatly some parts got removed because I didn't want to have them in the mod...
  3. more material fixes

    more material fixes
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  4. material fix

    material fix
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  5. badge texture fix

    fixes the missing texture for the badge and lettering.
  6. minor update

    in this update:
    added the new ibishu hubcaps
    added the gtr spoiler from the civetta bolide
    added more colors
    added sunburst fartcan also too the v8
    removed some camera positions
    jbeam tweaks
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