Beta D-Series Independent Rear suspensions 4.1.1

Multiple different independent suspension sets for the D-Series

  1. D-Series Independent Rear Suspension

    Lucas Mess
    Ok everyone, finally got all the base frames altered for the independent suspension on all the D-series and Roamer. I added some adjustable airbags for the front and rear. "G and Ctl-G" for raising and lowering rear. "H and Ctl-H" for raising and lowering front. You will find that the altered frames (all labeled with "IRS" following base name) only allow the IRS or offroad IRS for rear suspension. The Highboy suspension brake squat is fixed and the front half shafts hanging down when using base suspension is also fixed. Please let me know how you like them and post some pictures of your configurations.

    Coming Soon - True inline 6 cylinder turbo diesel with stack exhaust or straight pipes.
    - 4 wheel steering for independent suspensions if anyone posts interest.
    - All issues found and reported to me will be addressed ASAP.


    1. Screenshot28.png
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