Beta D-Series Heavy Duty Parts 0.3

More 8 and 10-lug wheels, more heavy duty tire choices, and a heavier rear axle

  1. MushyMushy
    This is my first mod!

    It focuses on widening the array of choices you have for 6-lug and 8-lug wheels and tires and adds a new 225mm 10-bolt hub for the Gavril D-Series. A heavier rear axle with larger shafts and differential is also included, as well as shocks and leaf springs for the front and rear to match. This mod also adds 4.88:1 gearing, which is more in line with real cab&chassis trucks.

    Currently I don't have any configs set up, but I may add some later.

    I would like to add more to this in the future!

    Parts List

    • Super heavy duty rear axle for the D-Series and Roamer
    • 3.73, 4.88, and 5.38 gearing for IFS, SFA, and rear axles
    • 10-bolt hubs for the D-Series, locking hubs are an option for the front
    • "Commercial Duty" shocks and leaf springs - these are very stiff

    • 8-lug 16x7 5-spoke chrome dually wheels based on early 2000s Ford wheels
    • Chrome versions of the 6 and 8-lug 16x7 Gavril 10-Slot wheel
    • 8-lug version of the gray and black 16x7 4-slot wheels, hub caps and chrome trim rings are still compatible
    • 16x7 version of the 8-lug STX offroad steel wheels in white, gray, black, and chrome

    • 10-lug 16x7 dually wheels, chrome and aluminum
    • 10-lug 19.5x7 dually wheels, chrome and aluminum

    • 215/85R16 HD tires
    • 235/85R16 HD and HD Offroad tires
    • 225/75R19.5 HD tires
    • 245/75R19.5 HD Offroad tires
    • 31, 33, and 35x12.50" Offroad tires for 16x7 wheels (not dually compatible)

    • Diesel gauges with 3500rpm limit for D-Series
    • Diesel 6-speed manual transmission with lower 1st and higher OD
    • 7.5L gasoline V8 based on the Vortec 8100
    • Super heavy duty flywheel
    BeamNG: original models, textures, and jbeams
    Mushy: modified versions

    I mostly made this to be used in conjunction with AR162B's D-Series addon

Recent Reviews

  1. Bob The 3RD
    Bob The 3RD
    Version: 0.3
    I have been using this add-on since it first came out.

    The only complaint I have is that the larger engines (7.3L, 7.5L) clip out of the bracket mounts and drag along the ground. IF anyone knows how to fix this, please message me.
    Version: 0.3
    It's one of the best.
    You should add some suspension that is heavy-duty but is lifted high.
  3. B0SS302
    Version: 0.3
    1. MushyMushy
      Author's Response
      Ah thanks, I haven't played much recently so I wasn't aware of that bug. I've been meaning to update the mod but haven't had much time lately. Hopefully will get around to it sooner than later!
  4. Jared Gavin Besanceney
    Jared Gavin Besanceney
    Version: 0.3
    Amazing mod, I have been hoping for something like this for a while on the d-series. One gripe though, if you have time for it, you should try and make the commercial leaf springs' ride/spring height adjustable. Maybe some higher profile tires along with it too, not too much though! That's all I can think of, great mod!
  5. willidesvirgenson
    Version: 0.3
    exelente puedes has unsa para camionetas de 23.24.25 pulgadas con caucho perfil bajo
  6. MrSir
    Version: 0.3
    i love this! some spikes and rear caps would be a dope addition! and a good polish ;)
  7. KezzM8
    Version: 0.3
    Awesome stuff. I do have one idea that I think would put the cream on top. Could you possibly add another diesel tachometer that redlines more around 4000 rpm. The current one is perfect for the big diesel v8, but any other diesel engines (mods etc) it's too low. It would just top off the beamng experience having it. Cheers.
    1. MushyMushy
      Author's Response
      Thanks, and yeah I could probably see about doing that.
  8. ExampleWasTaken
    Version: 0.2
    it seems pretty cool would get if loved trucks which i do so :3
  9. GameNoobTV
    Version: 0.2
    This mod is awesome. Keep 'er coming!
  10. NeoSlx
    Version: 0.2
    The rims could use polishing, the holes and all look kind of weird and not smooth, not sure if thats on purpose but yeah. Awesome mod though
    1. MushyMushy
      Author's Response
      Yeah I'm looking into that to hopefully get it fixed, this mod is pretty much my first time using Blender for more than 5 minutes (I'm much more familiar with Autodesk software) so I'm still getting pointers from people here and there about the tools
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