Alpha D Motors Neuslo 2 (SLOWEST CAR EVER) 2.0

0,5 hp and a top speed of 0,995 km/h

    Since I made the Neuslo, I decided to make a new version (kinda, I broke the original folder). This version is even slower and has less hp than the other ones.
    The Neuslo has a 0,5HP Inline-3 Turbo engine (the turbo hasn't got any PSi) with an Automatic 4-speed Gearbox (only the first gear works, so it only has one gear)
    Max speed it's supposed to be 0,995 km/h but when you accelerate the car pushes to 5 km/h.

    This thing should be the slowest car without modifying folders or files.
    screenshot_00016.png screenshot_00014.png
    I don't know if I can make this more slower than it is but I will try. I didn't want to try bigger bodies because that will be stupid, being realistic, this is the only body a slow car should have.

Recent Reviews

  1. ludo-A113
    Version: 2.0
    5 stars because rear popup taillight
    1. DANTT | DMRT
      Author's Response
      lol, thank you :D
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