Beta Custom Tachometers and Boost Gauges 3.0.1

(Currently) 3 new tachometer and forced induction apps for any vehicle

  1. Rewrite (again :p) + New Theme

    It’s been a lot longer since the last update than I was anticipating, but I got side tracked by hating JavaScript so I rewrote pretty much the whole mod into TypeScript. Other than that, the main feature is a new theme: Ringularity.


    I’ve been wanting to get this new theme out for a while (definitely *not* been 7 months since the last update :p), but the rewrite has been more important for adding more themes down the line. I never really anticipated for the mod to...
  2. Hotfix

    Fixes issues with colour schemes not saving.
    This should also fix an issue of colour schemes reverting when scaling apps.
  3. Rewritten and restructured

    It's been a while, but this update is finally finished! While no new content per se is added, this update completely rewrites and restructures everything which, TL:DR, means that going forward, new themes will be easier to add, easier to maintain and more customisable in terms of colour schemes.

    I also wanted to acknowledge how popular this mod has become - I wasn't originally going to upload this mod, and it's kind of crazy how it's surpassed 110k downloads already. Thank you to everyone...
  4. Further Bug Fixes

    Fixes a few small bugs:
    • Fusion Tachometer - the redline shown will not include the maximum RPM of the engine
    • Fusion Tachometer - gear size is reduced for gears longer than 1 digit
    • Forced Induction Apps - each major point is now rounded to 1 decimal place, fixing some issues, particularly with the Bar unit
    • Fusion Forced Induction - font size automatically changes to fit within it's boundaries
  5. Font Fix

    Fixes an issue where the font for the Fusion apps does not load if the font is not installed on your system.
  6. New pair of apps + fixes + improvements

    This update brings with it numerous changes and fixes to the existing velocity pair of apps as well as a new pair of apps: Fusion.


    Full Changelog:
    • Added a new pair of apps: Fusion
    • Added indicators to the Velocity tachometer app
    • Adjusted shift logic slightly to prevent rapid blinking when at red-line
    • Major cleanup and design changes to the code behind the scenes
    I plan on adding in light-mode versions of the app to the list of colour...
  7. Further Fixes

    Fixes a few more issues from the 0.23 update as well as refixes the issue of electric vehicles not showing the tachometer app properly.
    • Fixed electric vehicles not showing up on the UI
    • Fixed apps dissappearing completely every now and again
    • Fixed wrong classes being used to access certain methods
    • Some more code cleanup
  8. 0.23 Compatibility Update + Misc Changes

    This update focuses on fixing the apps not appearing after the 0.23 update.
    I was in the middle of refactoring everything and so there are a lot of behind the scenes changes, but not yet any new apps (more is planned and will come at some point in the near future ;)).
    The pointer dial on the tachometer app now highlights itself when the engine should shift up.
  9. Electric and Misc car fixes

    This small update fixes electric vehicles and other miscellaneous vehicles from not showing the tachometer UI.

    The UI also now changes size according to the size of the UI box. This is a temporary/quick fix that add in his feature, however, do note that making any UI much bigger (around 150+%) can cause blur. I intend to try and get this resolved in a future update however the basic feature is at least implemented
  10. Temperature and Fuel bar fixes

    A quick update that fixes the inaccuracy of the temperature and fuel bars.
    The preview images on the UI selector have also been updated.
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