Beta Custom Tachometers and Boost Gauges 2.0.1

(Currently 2) new tachometer and forced induction apps for any vehicle

  1. Rewritten and restructured

    It's been a while, but this update is finally finished! While no new content per se is added, this update completely rewrites and restructures everything which, TL:DR, means that going forward, new themes will be easier to add, easier to maintain and more customisable in terms of colour schemes.

    I also wanted to acknowledge how popular this mod has become - I wasn't originally going to upload this mod, and it's kind of crazy how it's surpassed 110k downloads already. Thank you to everyone who reports bugs, issues and suggests ideas - I do my best to respond to them but even if I don't, I always aim to read them :).


    Main Changes:
    • Rewritten and restructure everything
    • Designs are slightly tweaked with various improvements - the most notable is that each tachometer app shows the brake and throttle pressures
    • Colour schemes are also redone - the current colour schemes are single coloured, paired with another version that adds transparency
    • Scaling is now possible! - You can resize any app, smaller or larger, which I know was a heavily request feature ;)
    Minor Things:
    • Large RPMs are partially handled - RPMs > 15k will be condensed, however, the lines are not yet handled and there may still be overlapping issues with RPMs = 29k or > 44k
    • App previews are now much prettier and will inform you on how to change units and colour schemes (it was brought to my attention that the descriptions for apps aren't displayed anywhere)
    For future updates, I should now be able to focus on new designs and (hopefully) have a way to create you own custom colour scheme (though I cannot say when this'll be added).

    Thank you for your support, and please do PM me with any bugs or issues you encounter, given the scale of this update, I would expect that some things may not work out of the gate ;).
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