Beta Critical Hit 1.1

Wide, Banked & **Killer** Fun. At Speed

  1. G-Farce
    FUN MODE: Drive your average Automation car, it'll be AWD with 1000+ HP and handle on rails with such downforce. The difference is Radical.

    Parts inspired by Trackmania, Motorhead, BallisticNG, Redout and various great racing games:

    There is that shortcut. Not one soul landed it in the last 300 years, watch it Rookie. She will Surprise you. Be sure to Handle it with care. Well Under two minutes a lap. At Speed.

    You'll need All Wheel Drive and 300 brake horsepower to compete in the League of Line Warriors.
    Fast Wide Banked bends. Changes in elevation. And Variety just to keep you on your toes in between the Highs. Every Lap is New this season.

    Throw away everything you know. High speed is all you know, until you get a Critical Hit. Have fun, but know Death is certain. Death is Assured.

    Note: This is not my First Track, well yes it is for Light Runner, however, I've corrected 9 major things and improved it greatly. You wouldn't believe how far this one has come! It's really fun, and unlike any other track. The laps go quick, but it's never boring. Embrace AWD, Embrace the Road! The Skill ceiling is high, but it's very beginner friendly. Bonus Feature: Race all those insanely high-power high-downforce Automation car mods, on a track that can finally let it go, throttle wide open, more than once!

Recent Reviews

  1. 8lastMeOff
    Version: 1.1
    Really challenging and fun!
    1. G-Farce
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Thinking my next major track will be a lot easier for the vanilla powerglow cars to compete, with their lack of downforce, it'll be difficult!
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