Crest Road Time Trial 1.0

The BeamNG Original Time Trial Crest Road from v0.15, but added back to the game.

  1. KingSnake377
    At first glance, Crest Road appears to just be a short little time trial that's included on the Italy map. However, this little time trial has left many lasting impressions on those who originally ran it back when Italy was first released in v0.15. Showing us that what's essentially a series of checkpoints on a carefully sculpted map could be valued at far beyond the sum of its parts.

    However, Crest Road was removed from the game's time trial selection sometime around v0.17. But even after this happened, it was never forgotten by the lives of those that it touched while it was around, namely by a small community of speedrunners who took an especially strong liking to it.

    But that was until now, because the spirit of the Crest has returned!
    This mod includes this historic time trial that's been given new life by those same members of the BeamNG speedrunning community. Now it wasn't remade or anything, but rather simply added back just how the BeamNG devs made it originally post v0.17 but now in v0.19. If something drastic happens to the map or it doesn't work anymore for some reason, the time trial may not get updated, but we'll see if it continues to live on!
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