Experimental CrashHard 8x8 BigRig Truck 1.1.6

Big heavy 8x8 truck with lots of detachable parts

  1. Fix for missing mudflap texture on T-Series (I hope)

    - Deleted the semi.DAE from the mod zip
  2. New engine and exhaust sounds

    - Added the new semi engine and exhaust sounds
    - Lowered the suspension sounds
  3. Added a Fifthwheel upfit

    - Added a Fifthwheel upfit
    - Made the tires even stronger.
  4. Fixed the popping tires (made them stronger)

    - Made the tires J-beam "break" strenght higher
    - Reduced the tire model sidewall edge loops (I hope it deformes better now)
  5. Bug fixes, added a big weight as cargo

    Some bug fixes for the CrashHard 8x8 BigRig Truck.
    - Fixed a lot of stresses in the J-beam, for the airfilters, exhaust, exhaust holders, the cargo floor, the cargo walls, the cab and all its parts.
    - Fixed the RPMs for all the engines +lowered the power a bit (max rpms are now 3200)
    - Fixed the locked diffs being to weak.
    - Corrected some misspellings in the part selector.
    - Made the front cab plate into a part you can remove in the part selector.
    - Added a big weight to the rear for better...
  6. Fixed engine naming in part selector

    -Fixed engine naming in part selector (Is now named Y10 disel engine) (As in Y-Block Engine)
    - Added 2 stripped down variants (for low end PCs) (Have no menu pics)
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