Alpha Crash Heights Remastered 1.8

The track to destroy cars

  1. New track update

    Changelog 1.8:

    - Added a new track (decoration coming soon)
    - A few new trees on the older tracks
    - New A.I. path for the new circuit
  2. Tree and bush update no.1

    Changelog 1.7.5:

    - Painted nearly all the ground with dirt and grass
    - Added dead trees to the desert track
    - Added forest areas around the normal circuit
    - Smoothed out a few things
    - Removed the giant concrete things in the background
  3. Decoration update

    Changelog 1.7:

    Minor improvements
  4. Tree update and small map overhaul

    Changelog 1.6:
    - Just a few more details here and there
    - Trees in the desert racetrack area
    - Forest around some parts of the normal track
    - Spawnable objects that have collisions
  5. [Moderator Upload]

    Fixed wrong path to terrain file.
  6. This time I exported the terrain into my zip folder

    This should make it work.
    If not, I don't have any idea how to make it work.
  7. New terrain files included

    Included new terrain files from the documents folder
  8. The update that should REALLY make it work

    After numerous attempts I think I finally found the answer to my problem.
    All of the leftover files from the documents folder are in the zip file now.
  9. Update to make it work

    The update that should make the map work
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