Beta Crash Hard Map (Final Version) (Maybe) 1.1.0

A nice place to Jump, Race or Crash your cars

  1. Updated the map for the new lighting added in the latest game update.

    Crash Hard 01
    - updated the map for the new lighting in the new game update.
    - fixed some of the jumps on the roads so the cars will land a bit better.

    How the map looks in the latest update:
  2. Fixed missing water ripple texture

    Crash Hard 01
    - Fixed missing water ripple texture
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  3. Small update, fix. 1.0.2

    Crash Hard 01

    - Made the tunnel collapse look a bit better.
    - Lowered the water a bit
    - Fixed some missing textures on the terrain.
  4. small fix, map was to dark

    Crash Hard 01
    - the map was to dark. changed the sun angle with 5 degrees.
  5. Finale version of the Crash Hard map

    Crash Hard 01
    The day has come, I have finally filled in all the areas of the map :D

    the new stuff:
    - Suspension test, and hill climb area, 4 different grades.
    - A long flat strip of wide road with 3 ramps at the end, (Maybe used for landings and taking off for planes?)
    - A race, and figure of 8 track.
    - A Toughtruck track.
    - A Loop de Loop, with a offroad trail on top of it.
    - A second broken bridge/highway to connect all 4 corners of the map.
    - A memorial area where...
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  6. Update #9 for the Crash Hard map

    Crash Hard 01
    Finally a new update :D

    -The broken highway is in
    - A vs track
    - Some of the mountains have a road that goes to the top of them now
    - +Lots more
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  7. Crash-Hard map update 8.5

    Crash Hard 01
    Fixed some road bugs, did some re texturing, did some changes to the AI on the 3 long roads with jumps. Filled In some empty areas along the roads.
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  8. My *Crash Hard 0.1* offroad map (Update #8)

    Crash Hard 01
    Update #8 is out :) The new stuff is in the video :)
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