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Beta CP100's FMOD Soundpack 2.0.5

Now features sounds using FMOD.

  1. More sounds for more vehicles!!

    I've been slacking on updating mods... I got back to work.

    The following changes are:

    -Added sounds for legran (3.3L and 3.8L)
    -Added i6 sounds for Pickup/Roamer/Van (Turbo included!)
    -Added sounds for Wentward Bus
    -Revised i4 sounds for old pessima and 200BX
    -Added sounds to the ETK K (same sounds as ETK 800)
    -Added V8 sounds to Roamer/Van/Grand Marshal from D-Series
    -Added V6 motor and sounds for old pessima
    -Added sounds for base model SBR4 (2.0L F4)

    The following vehicles don't have...
  2. The FMOD Update

    I started from scratch and converted some sounds from .sbeam to the new .blend files...

    I was taking a break from modding...

    This is only an initial update (Still needs to be competed)

    The vehicles below have new sounds:

    Sunburst: Boxer 4 sounds
    Moonhawk: i6 and V8 sounds
    D15: V8 sounds (5.5L V8 only at the moment)
    ETK 800: i6 sounds (3.0L I6 Only)
    Hopper: i6 sounds (4.0L I6 Only)
    Midsize: V6 (Sounds for 2.7L V6 and my 3.0L V6)
    Pessima: i4 Sounds (Depends on what intake) (Stock and...
  3. The 80's and 90's pessima get new sounds. The Hopper now sounds more crude and alive.

    The Midsize V6 sounds have been replaced to sound like Honda's V6.
    (Sounds more alive)

    The Hopper sounds have been revised to sound more crude and alive.

    The 80's Pessima also gets updated sounds.

    ETK, Sunburst, MoonHawk sounds are Halfway done at this point...
  4. The Burnside/Barstow has sounds now. The existing V8 sounds for Gavril Trucks and GM are replaced.

    I thought the V8 Sound I put in the Gavril V8's weren't good enough so I put new one which sounds smoother and less crude.

    (MoonHawk still W.I.P and not ready)

    The V8 sounds now sound like Chrysler/Dodge's Hemi V8 Engine.

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  5. The V8 Update

    Adds a V8 engine sound inspired by Ford's Modular V8.

    -Applies to Roamer, D-Series, H-series, and Grand Marshal.

    -Has full throttle and no throttle sounds.


    Burnside, Moonhawk and Barstow V8 sounds are still W.I.P

    Stay Tuned!
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