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Covet V-engines 1.4

Oversteer guaranteed

  1. New Suspension Jbeam + 2 configs

    • Rebuilt the whole rear suspension
    • 2 new configs:
      • Drift
      • Hillclimb
    • Some new parts
    • Windshield now pops out
    • Removed garage_side pictures
    v6_hillclimb_taza.png v6_drift_taza.png
  2. Back to shred those roads!


    • Jbeam updated to new version
    • models updated to new version
    • only 4-lug front wheels available for now
    • new engine parts
    • updated configs
    Known issues:
    • steering bends after a big jump
    • config pictures outdated
  3. V6 Turbo!

    • Added twin turbochargers for the V6
    • Added a new V6 rally config
    Have fun!;)
  4. V6 AWD and fixes

    • Added AWD for V6 engine
    • Added ESC and ABS
    • Updated configs
    • Fixed rear brakes stretching when rear wheels broke off
    Due to the nature of this update, all your pre-existing configs are missing the driveshaft. Any V6 configs will also be missing a transmission. Have fun!:)
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