1. Intel iGPU (6xx series) crashes
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Covet EV Prototype 0.95.1

Semi mass produced EV, impractically quirky!

  1. Hotfix for 0.20 (fixed glass)

    Dayz Me Rollin'
    Fixes window slots, thats literally it
  2. ZX-E introduction & dashboard facelift

    Dayz Me Rollin'
    Been tinkering over the past few days with this :)

    Major things:

    Dash has been facelifted a bit

    and a sporty ZX-E trim has been introduced

    -Battery display changed from bars into percentage reading on digidash with gear indicator
    -Digidash range now takes into account the extra battery cells used inplace of the rear seats
    -Refresh rate halved
    -Added bar graph for motor power use and regen strength...
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