Beta Cliff+ 3.0

An updated version of the Cliff map

  1. Cliff+ remaster - Part 1

    Cliff+ Update 3.0

    Hey guys! Today I would like to introduce the next update for Cliff+.

    This is the first part of a "remaster" where I'm going to add new stuff (like today's update) and fix problems, issue from small to huge!



    Additions in this update:

    -Added 3 new spawnpoints (From now, you can fast travel!)

    -Added a new very long track around the mountain

    NOTE: I'm working on adding mission(s) to the map. This going to be more time to finish, but during the mission development, I will post update(s) to Cliff+ (hopefully).


    This patch fixies bugs, issues with the tracks that are often caused tire damage to the vehicle.

    -Fixed and polished T-sections

    -Fixed and polished curves (horizontal and vertical as well)

    -Made little changes to the curves of the Small track (green) and the orange (slalom)
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