CJD Special Tunes 2.2

high performance parts for all vehicles

  1. new stuff

    front airdam and spoiler for miramar
    race nosecone and spoiler for boilde
    changed race tires for 17X10 and 17X12 (little less grip but more usable)
    race spoiler for moonhawk
    improved miramar radiator and oilcooler
    added RWD for legran, covet and pessima (old)
  2. fixed more stuff

    Added new tires for 16X8 and 19X9 (front) and 19X10 (rear)
    added sunbusrt
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  3. fixed + some new stuff

    fixed everything, made new parts for legran, will work on updating the last few parts to keep it all up to date
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  4. some stuff

    427 engine for barstow and burnside with tunes (dont use stage 3)
    quick ratio steering for all (hopefully they should all work)
    differentials for barstow and burside
    5-lug covet and mirama
    7-speed for barstow and burside
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  5. less stuff :'(

    made the 7.3 pickup engine and 7-speed, has a little more power than before and the tunes are not fine tuned yet, still getting used to the new system, sorry.
  6. more more more new stuff

    race welded differentials
    572 CUI V8 for barstow (in test phase, feedback would be appreciated)
    race fuel cell for moonhawk(more to come)
    some fine tuning for select parts
  7. more more new stuff

    made I4 and I4 diesel engines available for ETK K/800 and diesel for all other vehicles that use I4
    made all V8's available to vehicles that use V8's
    added more preset options
    preview pictures for all vehicles and presets
    some find tuning and adjustments to tires and suspension setups to reduce wheel-wobble at high speed
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  8. update:new stuff

    fixed the grand marshal race brakes to now be better (stop about 30ft less than the sport brakes)
    added drift and rally configurations where needed
    added some preview pictures
    increased max height for off road suspension
    added heavy duty pickup configuration
  9. update:new stuff

    quick ratio steering and differentials for T-series
    rear differentials and race brakes for moonhawk
    tried to help downshift when in automatic mode, not perfect but better
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