CJD Special Tunes 1.9

high performance parts for all vehicles

  1. 8 Cylinder Update

    - ETK K now has the 5.0L V8, as seen in the ETK 800, with all the upgrades.
    - Miramar now has the 427CUI V8, as seen in the moonhawk, with all the upgrades.

    - General tuning to the 200BX, Autobello and Barstow.

    New for me:
    I've made a patreon with early access to content and to make me post updates more regularly.
  2. With sprinkles on top

    - Autobello:
    - AWD system
    - 5 lug suspension
    - Added 2.5L F4 from SBR
    - Added 7-Speed DCT
    - Barstow:
    - Added Race/Drift rear disc brakes

    - Autobello:
    - 1.7L F4 is now a 1.6L F4
    - 1.6L F4 can now rev to 11,000 RPM

    - Pickup has now been updated with new suspension
    - The Gavril V8 textures should no longer be broken
  3. Small clean up

    - covet drift special
    - hopper now has 7.3L V8 and 6.0L diesel V8

    - hopper now uses the crawler frame and supercharged 6.0L diesel V8
  4. New things and updates

    - Updated parts of the pickup, van and roamer (they should all work, tell me if you find any bugs)
    - Moonhawk automatic transmission now functions much better than it did before

    - ETK 800 now has a 5.0L V8 engine available
    - many cars using a I4 and/or I6 now have the option for a 'CJD performance intake' that will allow you to use my custom intakes on default engines

    - The pickup custom frame and related components had to be removed following the game update as they...
  5. Low riding update

    - Sunburst V6 engine no longer breaks on spawn
    - updated the grand marshal

    - CJD performance intakes for multiple vehicles that allow for use of my other intakes where they were previously unavailable
    - Ultra heavy duty engine blocks to support my performance intake
    - Twincharger for 1.6L I4 rally engine
    - CJD Special preset for the bluebuck with hydraulic suspension
    - Updated sounds for the 2.0L I4 should sound much better now
    - Updated the...
  6. Elongated update

    - all new sbr4 ESpecial with electrifying power
    - updated sounds
    - reworked hopper
    - 33" offroad tires
    - reworked 4.0L I6
    - reworked etk I drift special
    - minor tweaks to 200bx drift special
    - updated exhausts
  7. Tires and stuff

    - Updated all the tires to make them more stable and in-line with the current tires.
    - changed the pessima (old) to be more of a 'sleeper' and less aggressive looking
    - tweaked a variety of things to make the cars more driver friendly, improving gearboxes and car setups as I'm trying to refine each of them and make them better.
  8. Autobello gets the special treatment

    The Autobello Piccolina now has CJD Special parts including:
    - working front and rear mount radiators including a drag front mount
    - Race and Drift steering options
    - 1.7L flat 4 racing engine with:
    - Five custom engine internal options
    - Race supercharger with variable pullys
    - Big Boost turbocharger
    - Variable Boost turbocharger
    - CJD nitros injection
    - ECU with two-step and ESC options
    - 7 speed manual/automatic/sequential gearboxes
    - Adjustable...
  9. Holiday update

    Now that I have a break from uni work I've finally got around to updating the mod.

    - traction control and two-step is now available for most cars, found under 'CJD Race ECU'
    - 10 - speed DCT for T-series and Wentward DT40L
    - 7 - speed DCT for ETK I series and 200BX
    - Offroad configs for D-series, H-series and roamer
    - complete overhaul of engine block/internals and balance changes to some intakes - now both will need to be used to make the most power
    - supercharger intake is...
  10. Some fine tuning

    re-tuned some of the configs:
    - 200BX Drift Special now uses the 4.0L V8 alongside custom drift brakes(kinda like a hydraulic handbrake) and steering with as much angle as I could reliably get.
    - re-made the covet rally from scratch
    - hopefully fixed all of the broken configs
    - overhaul of the engine blocks for the 2.0L I4 race engine to give more variety and allow more combinations with different intakes
    - minor drivability changes to most vehicles

    I'm going though all the configs and...
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