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Beta Citybus Manual Transmission 1.1

This mod impoves the gameplay of Beamng Drive with the adding of a manual gearbox for the Citybus

  1. SkyClash163
    - Added a manual transmission for Citybus :

    12-Speed MT
    6-Speed MT
    4-Speed MT

    - Added T900 Turbocharger

    Other features coming up soon…

    Also thanks to Dani Kom so I could uptaded his first experimental mod ;)
    (Correction of 1st gear problem)


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Recent Reviews

  1. Roidan Marc
    Roidan Marc
    Version: 1.1
    I've always wanted to drive the stock bus from BeamNG with a manual, now I can! Thanks so much!
  2. ericyost1
    Version: 1.1
    Won't show on in game mods. I put it in my mod folder but doesn't show up in mods.
    1. SkyClash163
      Author's Response
      Hey, in your "Citybus Manual Transmission.zip", extract "citybusaddon.jbeam" in the Beamng drive's mod folder were normaly you put all your mods. After doing that, you also have to put the original "Citybus Manual Transmission.zip" in the mod folder as well.

      So for example you have that in your mod folder:

      Citybus Manual Transmission.zip [(citybusaddon.jbeam is still in zip)]
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