Beta (City of) Los Injurus 2020-04-10

The large city of Los Injurus welcomes you with an update!

  1. bob.blunderton
    Please CLEAR CACHE first before you run the updated version of the map. Otherwise, some objects could face the wrong way and appear very poorly aligned - like road-blocking poorly aligned.
    The game won't know sources have changed, and gives you the old models facing in a new (wrong!) direction as it is still pulling the same original (older) stuff from game cache folders generated when you first ran the map.
    If this will be your first time playing Los Injurus, or your first time running *ANY* version of Los Injurus in 0.19.x, you should be OK and NOT have to clear cache - but it doesn't hurt to do it anyway.

    First, a big thanks to the Patreon supporters, for the last year I could not have done it without you! Commercial software is expensive. See the Patreon link at the bottom if you'd like to help support the continued development of this map.
    Supporters get updates every 3 weeks VS the public update here getting updated every 3~4 months.

    Consider joining the Patreon today as I am physically disabled and on a fixed income. I could really use the support to help pay for assets and monthly/yearly commercial software fees!
    New update, featuring the city stretching over to the abandoned mall, where it's *drum roll* more abandoned and run-down. Also, more miles of highway has been upgraded, and there will be some new buildings and different roads featured.
    AI on inner loop of highway through the city is great, the outer loop's AI is pretty broken but will still sort-of work. Outer loop of highway is under massive re-construction at the moment and is only temporarily held together with shoe-strings so you can drive it.

    Media and screenshots are from the first version, download the new one to see what's new! I will update them when I have time.

    As seen on YBR on YouTube:

    The Mystery Building near the end of this video near where he explores the abandoned mall is the old Packard plant from Detroit. It's not 100% the same layout but the asthetic is similar enough to enjoy seeing it in-game.
    City with the following roads:
    50 unique miles of highway
    75 miles of surface road
    15 miles of dirt trail
    150+ miles of AI paths and that's being conservative.
    Several miles of subway, YES, SUB WAY. Some train tracks, too - WiP
    Figures are approximate and generally low-balled to be on the safe side.
    Video review(s):

    Video above by Neilogical in English.

    Video above by GermanCommentGamer in German language - Danke!

    Videos added in, in the order I find them. Thank-you for the video review(s). As this map is very large, it may be difficult if not impossible for reviewers to show the entire map, please keep that in mind.

    This is a real city. A Bob Blunderton sized map that everyone should be able to run provided they have 6~8GB of system memory (RAM)
    On LOWEST setting, various integrated graphic solutions, laptops, or even a lowly 6570 1GB DDR3 equipped card can run this in a playable fashion, even if the host processor is a first-generation (900 series not 9000 series) i7 950 on an OEM HP computer with stock 1333mhz RAM.
    If you can run West Coast, you can generally run this map.
    WARNING: HIGH texture detail REQUIRES 6~8GB of VIDEO RAM (memory that's part of your graphics card, not system memory). If you don't know how much you have, try low, then medium.
    That being said, even an RX 470 8gb or RX 480 8gb will be able to run this with reflections ON, with good frames per second.

    This map features modeling tactics that reduce draw calls, take advantage of batching, and don't go crazy on the triangle count so your PC can concentrate on what matters - traffic - and yes this map supports it.

    Enough of that though. Now for the features!
    Above mentioned roads - roads everywhere - if you recognize this map it's built off the old deprecated So-Cal Interstate (warning, it will conflict with that map, that resource is being removed), so all the old roads you loved are still there or are vastly improved upon with city built there.
    There is one MASSIVE civilian airport (needs it's two longer runways but has two medium length ones), with 145 gates and hundreds upon hundreds of parking spots. Feature 5 concourses and one large main terminal with bi-level arrivals and departure.

    It's near the four-way flyover called 'the Stack', which is a feature in and of itself.

    Features some partially double-decker highway as you descend/ascend the mountain to/from the industrial area.

    Brain-bending interchanges galore - and some normal ones, too.

    SUBWAYS! YES! With stations you can drive right into/out of, too!

    A remote air-strip on the opposite side of the map as the airport (this will eventually be an Air Force base), so you have a destination when flying.

    It's got it's own dirt track in a looping fashion, you'll find that not too far from the city, but you have to find it!

    It's got an ABANDONED MALL YOU CAN DRIVE IN! Because why not?
    Two levels of retail history to crash about inside of and around.

    A facsimile of the abandoned Packard plant is also present near the abandoned mall.

    The Frank Douglas towers from Chicago (IIRC), before they were abandoned, are also featured here.

    A full arrangement of stores to serve only the best!

    Realistic low-poly homes (mostly) optimized for FPS:

    Tall apartment towers and condos!

    ...and so much more! Come see it today!

    This map is a continual work-in-progress. Features subject to change without notice. Map is funded by many kind folks on Patreon, link below:
    Please help this map project cover software costs associated with commercial modeling and graphic software (to say the least), and help with replacing my dying RX 480 8gb video card, which works but has to be down-clocked to be stable. I am disabled and on a fixed income, so even a dollar a month is great, it helps me cover software costs, asset purchases, and stave off hardware failure. It does not go to needless upgrades or 'I want' things.

    This map also contains a complete 900-piece Modular Road Kit (the MRK) complete with everything you need to build your own city and everything you see in this one. Those roads aren't all one piece like West Coast, they're all modular. So have a look around, see what you like, pop open the forest brush and have a go at it. Most of it is categorized, and any updated pieces in the future will be drop-in-replacements requiring little to no additional work (beyond file copying) by the mapper.
    Everything is in the shapes/MRK folder inside the map except the subway stations which are under shapes/buildings/metrocity folder with the building structures. All pieces in this map may be used by others with credit AND a link-back to this resource - this was a big part of this map's purpose.

    P.S. I am slowly building a credit list for user submitted buildings, which so far includes:
    Brother Dave - Rural Hotel - not yet used in the map
    Fufsgfen - Tall bank tower - not yet used in the map
    Ghost - size-spec for large variety of flood control canal, no models used, textures may be imported at a later date, will update if necessary
    MitchB25 (if I remember correctly) - benches, a few odds and ends signs from Expressway (Australia) map (older map).
    BeamNG - awesome base game from which many textures and a few models here and there are drawn from, though much of the buildings and homes are my own creation, except a lone abandoned service station, the new ECA service stations, and the ECA concept area on the far side of the lake (this will be torn down and re-made but the car-stunt area and school will stay).
    If I've forgotten someone, and I just may have, please send me a private message, explaining what asset was donated, even if it wasn't used yet or otherwise 'you can't find it in the map', I might just not have gotten to it yet.

    To those who submitted homes, and the homes aren't in yet, be aware that is top-priority now that the map is out. Please be patient, you'll receive a free private update when it's in!

    AGAIN, IF YOU HAVE SO-CAL INTERSTATE MAP, AND THIS ONE, YOU *WILL* HAVE PROBLEMS, please delete so_cal_interstate zip from your PC before running this or they WILL conflict.

    If you are a popular Youtube personality and review maps, PLEASE DO, and I can add it to the resource page!

    Technical issues, loading errors, glitchy badness, or asset rights questions?

    If you have an issue, or other technical error, or feel the need to complain, please contact me in the discussion forum tab above this listing first, so I can give you some trouble-shooting options. Please also have your BeamNG log handy which is located in documents/ folder, and post it. Please also try loading the game with ONLY this mod.

    Fine print:
    NO assets in this map were ported, copied, or otherwise used from other commercial intellectual property (except where assets may have been purchased from appropriate legal asset retailers), games, past or present other than BeamNG Drive itself. Likenesses to business may be coincidental but are within the realm of free speech and artistic freedoms of the United States constitution.
    That being said if you still have an issue with myself or my map, legal or not, feel generally offended or find something in the map is too offensive, please contact me in private so we can resolve this properly in a timely manner. Please allow 72 hours for a reply. Thank-you for trying Los Injurus mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. DaddelZeit
    Version: 2020-04-10
    Your creations are insane. Every single map is a masterpiece. Thank you for your mods. It's just awesome what you can do with this game. It takes a lot of time to create a map and you top it all of. Thank you for your work and stay safe out there!
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      It's got to look good yes, maybe not AAA quality but close enough to get immersed - but above all that it's got to be FUN while not forgetting about the mission objective... to speed around and crash the car up into a tin can!
      Surely there's a good hour or more of just driving around on the roads seeing the sights here, and on Roane County, too.
      I like to fire up the game and just drive when I'm not making maps; so if that's you, you're 100% in the right place. Custom content abounds - this map is chock full of it - in-fact I learned to model just for this map.
      Both Roane County (once) and this map (twice) required raising the AI max limits to enable me to properly create all the AI routes (200+ miles of them) and the like, to give a realistic feel. It's not perfect by any rate, nor complete. However, it'll certainly provide you with hours of entertainment, whether it's exploring and seeing the sights, or searching for hidden things in out-of-the-way places, going way too fast in places you should not, or just trying out the dozens upon dozens of improvised jumps.
      When it's done, it'll feel like a melting-pot of all the open-world driving 3D games we've been playing over the last 20 years or so, even if it takes years to finish. Being physically disabled and often 'stuck here' at the PC. I don't have much better to do, and just playing games isn't nearly as fulfilling as making them. One day it will be done, as I will be on this project until it is, then going back to finish Roane County (and back-port a bunch of house / building etc models back to Roane County from this).
      Thanks a bunch for the nice review & glad you had a good time.
  2. chaugen1
    Version: 2020-04-10
    Love this map! One of the best city maps on BeamNG!
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      Thanks bud. Appreciate you are so thankful for what is easily thousands of hours of work per map. This shows what this game is capable of, I feel many of the maps for this game short of Italy and East Coast / maybe Utah while beautiful are merely a taste of what this game can truly do.
      When it's further along and most of the city is built, I'll be adding a career / campaign / story into this map that will come with it.
      In-fact several limits have been removed or raised significantly since/ because I've been working on this map (and Roane County).
      While I am sure AAA game studio maps could easily outclass this in detail or graphic fidelity (especially because they have whole teams and bottomless budgets by comparison to me), there's nothing stopping me from cramming tons of fun stuff into this map.
      My knowledge from growing up in construction and engineering skills, and bottomless amounts of time (being I'm physically disabled) finally come in handy.
      Just don't forget, I'm making this map as much for me as I am for you and the rest of the folks who total about 100,000 people (that download this map) currently. So it's GOT to be fun!

      HINT: if things don't look placed correctly (like walls under bridges etc), clear cache, start the game, and then load the map & it should fix. This only applies if you ran the old public version of Los Injurus before running the more recent release that just came out.
      --Enjoy the map!
  3. SuperchargedAndSavage!
    Version: 2020-04-10
    First of all, I'd like to clearly state that this map is amazing. I have NEVER seen any BeamNG map with this degree of extreme attention to detail. The train tracks work perfect, the buildings are super detailed-like seriously, an abandoned mall that I can drive through!? HELL YES!
    At the same time, there are an INSANE amount of roads, highways, etc. so that I never feel like I'm driving in the same places. I love how Los Injurus is trying to give us players absolutely endless possibilities. Highway police chases, low speed jumps, car parkour- All that adds to the experience.
    Performance-wise, I'd say this is outstandiing considering the sheer size, detail and quality of textures presented in the map. Me, having a 16GB RAM, can get up to 60fps with 5-6 cars in Traffic Mode. Really performance-friendly map.
    By the way, I have one little question. Since Roane County, Tennessee is currently outdated, are you planning to fix it first, or are you going to focus on Los Injurus as your main project and fix Roane County as a side project (If you're gonna fix it at all?)
    I love your work man. Keep it up!
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      Roane County will be fixed this week sometime (hopefully), or as soon as I can root out 'what went wrong' there. It was updated at the same time, but it just decided it was going to not work for the 0.19 launch I guess. Early access game + WIP maps, what could possibly go wrong?
      Glad you enjoyed Los Injurus, it's been a labor of love all the way, next month will be two years since I started learning modeling to make this map.
      It only gets better when you have a PC that can run a lot of traffic - like a modern 8-core or above Ryzen or Intel processor, do know that. The follies of getting stuck in traffic on the highway, or anywhere else for that matter, are very real. It's a city, there's AI routes everywhere, in most of the lanes if not all of them. In-fact, this map has hit the (sometimes un-planned) limit for AI several times, requiring changes to the game engine code to fix.
      This is my main project; so Roane County is still going to get fixed but do know Roane County is only being maintained, not expanded with the fix.
      I do maintain my maps, it just takes time. I enjoy driving on that one, too, so no worries - oddly it worked fine here so maybe all it needs is a re-upload.
      This too, shall pass, as they say.
      Thank-you for the kind, honest, and descriptive review.
  4. Smapy
    Version: 2020-04-10
    There are some things that need to be fixed and added, but this map is very
    It's big and fun to drive.
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      If you feel things need fixing up, or there's issues preventing playability, please send in your screenshots on the discussion thread (use the tab above this review). I always take note when people give feedback, and it helps me squash bugs preventing full enjoyment of the map.
      This game is too fun not to have a map like this!
      Thank-you for trying out Los Injurus - the open world game styled map for BeamNG, that while not complete, gives you a range of driving in different styles and speeds, and a bit of reward for exploration.
      Don't forget, there's jumps a plenty and they're everywhere. If I could make a jump out of it in some way, I've probably done exactly that.
  5. Mola
    Version: 2020-04-10
    I love the new Update! Map is good as always :D
  6. StormGaming2020
    Version: 2020-04-10
    Awesome Map! Must of taken a few Monsters to build this map. Hey, maybe turn that air force base into a well known base in the middle of utah..
  7. shlimothy
    Version: 2020-04-10
    each update makes it feel more like socal and i'm loving it
  8. User_4711328
    Version: 2020-01-10
    Three letters to describe it: WOW! Though a little bit fps heavy when spawning multiple cars. More computer-frendly please?
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      Two things: first
      The limit you're hitting is partly due to single-threaded rendering common to DX11 titles.
      I can't really 'fix' that so-to-speak, but I am constantly working on optimizing the map as I go along, so that adding to it doesn't pull down the FPS more.
      Having a modern processor is key to 60fps but even low/very low is possible to get 30~40fps around town with appropriate video settings even on a first generation i7 processor from 2009 and a 1gb video card.
      Anything Ryzen and anything Intel 4xxx and newer should suffice, provided you have as many cores as you have cars in-play, to run real time.
      Second thing:
      TURN YOUR GRAPHICS DETAIL TO MEDIUM, as high detail graphics requires somewhere around a 6~8GB video card right now, and most folks don't have more than 4GB on their video card.
      768mb~1gb video card, use lowest, low may still peg 1gb cards at max.
      1~2gb use LOW settings, depending on how well it runs, neither low or lowest should be run at 1080p but 720p as often these cards (and integrated) solutions don't have the fastest Video RAM.
      3~4gb video cards use MEDIUM settings.
      6~8gb video cards may use high settings.
      I know, it somewhat stinks that you can't use high settings on a 4gb graphics card. There's not too much I can do about this right now, in this stage of development / optimization.
      You can still adjust the mesh detail slider to suit taste as it shouldn't have a terrible affect on FPS on a decently modern PC. I recommend leaving it up near max unless you're on 720p or have an extremely OLD processor / computer, as a large majority of the meshes have been optimized.
      Thank-you for the WOW and the review, but always know this is a map from the future enjoyed within a game from the future - neither have seen formal release yet.
      That being said if it still runs like poo after it's done, feel free to put me on blast over it.
  9. appesh1
    Version: 2020-01-10
    Wow. Just wow. When I first saw the WIP thread, I knew it was going to be a good one (like all of your other maps) but I underestimated this specific one. The level of detail that this map has is unprecedented. You made all of the small things like the signs, road textures have so much detail, and it's always the little things that make the level amazing. I honestly wish I can go over the 5 star limit, because of how much time you put into this while barely receiving any incentive for it. I truly believe this to be one of the few maps out there that comes to an astonishing level of detail. You have inspired me to get into mapmaking. This is truly amazing.
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      There's over 800 (possibly as much as 900) pieces in the modular road kit (MRK) folder inside the map. This is designed as puzzle pieces, to fit together like a giant block set or legos, enabling you to build whatever your heart desires. The 'snap options' in the editor EDIT menu will provide ease of lining up road sections, as will holding SHIFT while rotating pieces (as it snaps them to a 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90 degree angles). Many kits interface easily with one another here.
      Road bits are in shapes/MRK.
      There's many pieces in the SWO (sidewalk only) kit, which is meant to be used for areas where there's already a road drawn on the terrain, and enables maximum flexibility in designing custom odd-angled or sized intersections. Try to use this kit often as it is the easiest to use and gives you the ability to design any road / city exactly like you wish.
      Terrain decal roads can be drawn with pictures in /road or /roads folder (it has both). Most all road textures are available as decal roads (TRANS or DECAL in the name suffix), or as textures for bridges/mesh roads/ solid objects (with the name suffix NT or Mesh). Make sure to use the right ones or you'll have flickering when layering, or odd shadow bugs.
      Buildings are in /shapes/buildings, /shapes/buildings/ECA (old ECA stuff, most of that will be removed eventually and was only for concept/testing!), and /shapes/buildings/Metrocity folder.
      Feel free to practice building stuff using my map, just don't upload a version to this server without renaming the map folder/paths in it, or it will conflict.
      Generally most everything will update fine if you upgrade your kit with a future version of my map, too.
      If you have map editing questions, feel free to post in the forums if you need help. For questions using the MRK, feel free to ask me or look to my map for intended/valid uses.
      You can use a 30-day trial of Bundysoft's L3DT software to easily import a 4k height map in 16-bit png format as a terrain. It's pretty easy to use for beginners.
      Start small and think big. Just know the process can be monotonous / arduous / will test your sanity at times. The reward is so worth it.
      So thank-you and enjoy building a city - or road roller-coaster if you wish - of your dreams. This is the true purpose of the map.
      Be warned though... one caveat...
      Playing plain-old Simcity/Cities Skylines will never feel the same though, and can pale in comparison to being able to really drive through the city you just spent hours/days/weeks/months(years?) building.
  10. Valve Anti-Cheat
    Valve Anti-Cheat
    Version: 2020-01-10
    I'm very pleased with how well this map is coming along and all the work that's being put into it. However, one major issue this map has is the airport. Landing anything larger than a Cessplane is next to impossible due to invisible walls that I crash into every time when trying to line up for a landing.
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      I have yet to be able to figure out why there's an invisible wall, or to be able to re-create the issue here. It's just one of those issues that, for now, please tolerate for a little bit. Try to take off facing towards the rest of the map, so you don't hit the buggy invisible wall or whatever it is. When you land, don't land from the ocean side, land as if you've just been flying from the middle of the map facing toward the ocean. I will speak with the staff when they're not too busy as to what it could be.
      If you can take a few picture of where you hit the wall (as soon as you crash into it, hit J to pause physics, and press ALT+O to take a screen shot), it would be helpful.
      I've never been able to find the invisible collision (wall). I have to find it to be able to fix it.
      Otherwise, do enjoy the map.
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