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Beta (City of) Los Injurus 08_10_2019

Bob finally made a city...Click ME Click ME!

  1. bob.blunderton
    First, a big thanks to the Patreon supporters, for the last year I could not have done it without you! Commercial software is expensive. See the Patreon link at the bottom if you'd like to help support the continued development of this map.
    Supporters get updates every 3 weeks VS the public update here getting updated every 3~4 months.

    Consider joining the Patreon today as I am physically disabled and on a fixed income. I could really use the support to help pay for assets and monthly/yearly commercial software fees!
    Next update is the week of Chris Mess, featuring the city stretching over to the abandoned mall, where it's *drum roll* more abandoned and run-down. Also, more miles of highway has been upgraded, and there will be some new buildings and a bit more roads featured.

    As seen on YBR on YouTube:

    The Mystery Building near the end of this video near where he explores the abandoned mall is the old Packard plant from Detroit. It's not 100% the same layout but the asthetic is similar enough to enjoy seeing it in-game.
    City with the following roads:
    50 unique miles of highway
    75 miles of surface road
    15 miles of dirt trail
    150+ miles of AI paths and that's being conservative.
    Several miles of subway, YES, SUB WAY. Some train tracks, too - WiP
    Figures are approximate and generally low-balled to be on the safe side.
    Video review(s):

    Video above by Neilogical in English.

    Video above by GermanCommentGamer in German language - Danke!

    Videos added in, in the order I find them. Thank-you for the video review(s). As this map is very large, it may be difficult if not impossible for reviewers to show the entire map, please keep that in mind.

    This is a real city. A Bob Blunderton sized map that everyone should be able to run provided they have 6~8GB of system memory (RAM)
    On LOWEST setting, various integrated graphic solutions, laptops, or even a lowly 6570 1GB DDR3 equipped card can run this in a playable fashion, even if the host processor is a first-generation (900 series not 9000 series) i7 950 on an OEM HP computer with stock 1333mhz RAM.
    If you can run West Coast, you can generally run this map.
    WARNING: HIGH texture detail REQUIRES 6~8GB of VIDEO RAM (memory that's part of your graphics card, not system memory). If you don't know how much you have, try low, then medium.
    That being said, even an RX 470 8gb or RX 480 8gb will be able to run this with reflections ON, with good frames per second.

    This map features modeling tactics that reduce draw calls, take advantage of batching, and don't go crazy on the triangle count so your PC can concentrate on what matters - traffic - and yes this map supports it.

    Enough of that though. Now for the features!
    Above mentioned roads - roads everywhere - if you recognize this map it's built off the old deprecated So-Cal Interstate (warning, it will conflict with that map, that resource is being removed), so all the old roads you loved are still there or are vastly improved upon with city built there.
    There is one MASSIVE civilian airport (needs it's two longer runways but has two medium length ones), with 145 gates and hundreds upon hundreds of parking spots. Feature 5 concourses and one large main terminal with bi-level arrivals and departure.

    It's near the four-way flyover called 'the Stack', which is a feature in and of itself.

    Features some partially double-decker highway as you descend/ascend the mountain to/from the industrial area.

    Brain-bending interchanges galore - and some normal ones, too.

    SUBWAYS! YES! With stations you can drive right into/out of, too!

    A remote air-strip on the opposite side of the map as the airport (this will eventually be an Air Force base), so you have a destination when flying.

    It's got it's own dirt track in a looping fashion, you'll find that not too far from the city, but you have to find it!

    It's got an ABANDONED MALL YOU CAN DRIVE IN! Because why not?
    Two levels of retail history to crash about inside of and around.

    A facsimile of the abandoned Packard plant is also present near the abandoned mall.

    The Frank Douglas towers from Chicago (IIRC), before they were abandoned, are also featured here.

    A full arrangement of stores to serve only the best!

    Realistic low-poly homes (mostly) optimized for FPS:

    Tall apartment towers and condos!

    ...and so much more! Come see it today!

    This map is a continual work-in-progress. Features subject to change without notice. Map is funded by many kind folks on Patreon, link below:
    Please help this map project cover software costs associated with commercial modeling and graphic software (to say the least), and help with replacing my dying RX 480 8gb video card, which works but has to be down-clocked to be stable. I am disabled and on a fixed income, so even a dollar a month is great, it helps me cover software costs, asset purchases, and stave off hardware failure. It does not go to needless upgrades or 'I want' things.

    This map also contains a complete 900-piece Modular Road Kit (the MRK) complete with everything you need to build your own city and everything you see in this one. Those roads aren't all one piece like West Coast, they're all modular. So have a look around, see what you like, pop open the forest brush and have a go at it. Most of it is categorized, and any updated pieces in the future will be drop-in-replacements requiring little to no additional work (beyond file copying) by the mapper.
    Everything is in the shapes/MRK folder inside the map except the subway stations which are under shapes/buildings/metrocity folder with the building structures. All pieces in this map may be used by others with credit AND a link-back to this resource - this was a big part of this map's purpose.

    P.S. I am slowly building a credit list for user submitted buildings, which so far includes:
    Brother Dave - Rural Hotel - not yet used in the map
    Fufsgfen - Tall bank tower - not yet used in the map
    Ghost - size-spec for large variety of flood control canal, no models used, textures may be imported at a later date, will update if necessary
    MitchB25 (if I remember correctly) - benches, a few odds and ends signs from Expressway (Australia) map (older map).
    BeamNG - awesome base game from which many textures and a few models here and there are drawn from, though much of the buildings and homes are my own creation, except a lone abandoned service station, the new ECA service stations, and the ECA concept area on the far side of the lake (this will be torn down and re-made but the car-stunt area and school will stay).
    If I've forgotten someone, and I just may have, please send me a private message, explaining what asset was donated, even if it wasn't used yet or otherwise 'you can't find it in the map', I might just not have gotten to it yet.

    To those who submitted homes, and the homes aren't in yet, be aware that is top-priority now that the map is out. Please be patient, you'll receive a free private update when it's in!

    AGAIN, IF YOU HAVE SO-CAL INTERSTATE MAP, AND THIS ONE, YOU *WILL* HAVE PROBLEMS, please delete so_cal_interstate zip from your PC before running this or they WILL conflict.

    If you are a popular Youtube personality and review maps, PLEASE DO, and I can add it to the resource page!

    Technical issues, loading errors, glitchy badness, or asset rights questions?

    If you have an issue, or other technical error, or feel the need to complain, please contact me in the discussion forum tab above this listing first, so I can give you some trouble-shooting options. Please also have your BeamNG log handy which is located in documents/beamng.drive folder, and post it. Please also try loading the game with ONLY this mod.

    Fine print:
    NO assets in this map were ported, copied, or otherwise used from other commercial intellectual property (except where assets may have been purchased from appropriate legal asset retailers), games, past or present other than BeamNG Drive itself. Likenesses to business may be coincidental but are within the realm of free speech and artistic freedoms of the United States constitution.
    That being said if you still have an issue with myself or my map, legal or not, feel generally offended or find something in the map is too offensive, please contact me in private so we can resolve this properly in a timely manner. Please allow 72 hours for a reply. Thank-you for trying Los Injurus mod.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Slappy_Dingus
    Version: 08_10_2019
    I am currently downloading this beast of a map, but still. From just the pictures I've seen, I can tell it will be the only map I'll play on for a while. Especially since I have a pretty beefy computer, I bet I could get up to 200 fps on this thing. I'll provide updates when I finally get in.
    Good Job!
  2. racefan105
    Version: 08_10_2019
    How does a map this big work better than West Coast on my pc*? Amazing work, and so, so much to explore. Roads are smooth, layouts make sense, scenery is enjoyable to look at, and there's so much to do. City grids with hills for just puttering around, highways for high-speed cruising, parking lots for spinning, mountain roads for some sporty driving, ramps for stunts, and that's just what I've found in the first 30 minutes. And that's just a fraction of the map! This is definitely at the top of my list of favorite maps.

    *Asus Q552UB laptop
    Intel Core i7-6500U 2.5GHz (A dual core i7)
    Nvidia 940M (2GB)
    12GB Ram
  3. DDR4RAM
    Version: 08_10_2019
    First things first- i am still downloading this map.
    However, I am downloading it because the stock maps get boring after a while. And Italy seems to hate my PC.
    Hopefully, this works. If it won't, could you please reply and confirm?
    My pc specs-
    CPU- i5 8300h
    GPU- GTX 1050 4gb
    RAM- 8GB DDR4 2400Mhz

    From the pics it looks really good. Can't wait to see if my PC thinks the same!
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      You'll be fine just use medium detail as you have 4gb of video RAM.
      You have enough system RAM and processor to have a few vehicles of traffic (this isn't much different from the base game maps in requirements).
      If you want to run more traffic, update to a Ryzen 3000 series processor with 8 or more cores to happily fill the roads with 15~20 vehicles (depending on your system configuration). The days of 8GB of system RAM being okay are numbered (mostly for other software!), however, it should do fine for now. If you're already running everything off an SSD (as an SSD is more important!), Snag a used 16gb kit off Flea Bay (Ebay) on the cheap that matches your own so you can put all the RAM in at once, and you should be golden. The 1050 is fine with 4gb of RAM, though some games will want more VRAM on a video card (including this map which likes around 6GB max currently - expecting to be up around 7GB~7.5GB by the time it's done).
  4. Kolas
    Version: 08_10_2019
    It's huge and works fine, well done :)
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Glad you enjoy the map and it runs well for you. Please post your system configuration on the discussion thread when you have time (it's not urgent).
  5. hoj262626
    Version: 08_10_2019
    I Have The Low Computer But This Map Works! I Think I Have 40 FPS On This Map. 40 FPS Is Hard To Get On My Low Computer :)
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      Yes it does. I spent weeks/months working on this with Fufsgfen, who's really good when it comes to the driver/directX end of the optimization, so thanks to @fufsgfen also. I did spend weeks and weeks re-optimizing and re-doing models to make them easier to render without losing detail. This way I can add a few more details later. No worries though, I don't think you'll drop below 30fps when it's all said and done - it might have a chance of even running BETTER. I hope you have as much fun in the city as I had/have making it.
      --Thanks for the review!
  6. $uperpowereD
    Version: 08_10_2019
    Oh wow, this is probably the biggest map you can find in the repository. What's sure though, is that this definitely SHAMES all the other maps.
    Though my computer went nuclear boom the first time loading and only decided to work with an amazing amount of lag on the third attempt (probably because my 4GB trash memory) My average FPS is 15-25 (bruh) but I can drive satisfactorily with no major lagging.
    The graphics are amazing, even with my low settings. The only influencing issue is I can get lost within a 5-min drive. I'm not much of a had as a living map anyway.
    The curbs are flat and easy to drive on. Sometimes the AI gets a bit funky, driving off roads and stuff but not much of a problem. My personal favourite part of the map is probably the airport where I can get to 100mph and do a drag race and fun shit, or the parking buildings, doing some doughnuts/drifting.
    The tracks seem to be pretty functional for the train mods to use, though they act a little funky when doing high speed turns. One thing though is the mesh is kind of repetitive (ex. stone texture) since you already used it on Tennessee and other maps you made. I'm not good at geography, but I am sure that all your maps are in different parts of America, so stuff should be a little different. Just a suggestions though.
    The reason I ADORE this map is its playability. You can do a highway chase, a city race and even a car parkour with ramps jumping in and out of buildings. The real life elements are also pretty great. I wonder if you could tell me the background location of this city?
    Lastly, your accounting of taste is "admiring"
    "100% Hamster Meat"
    "Pooch & Kitty Special"
    "Rat, Mushroom & Cheese Swiss Raton"
    "100% Guinea Pig"
    "Iced Pee"
    I'm afraid I haven't laughed into a fit at a fucking fast food menu my entire life lol. Wonder if you would really eat cat & dog meat haha?
    Anyway, this is basically perfect! Keep up the good work bro!
    -$uperpowereD, a person that likes downloading mods and doesn't like making them
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      Really surprised it ran at all on 4GB of RAM. Wow. Amazing stuff man. Definitely look on the local classifieds for another 2 or 4gb (4gb is best!) stick of it depending on what your computer has in it already (RAM is best paired). You can find stuff pretty cheap these days as people update to fast DDR4 memory on newer platforms. 25~40$ can sometimes buy 8gb or so of it used. Saw 4x 4gb sticks (16gb) of matched 1600mhz DDR3 going for 50$ the other day, used of course but working none-the-less.
      Great review. Car parkour is one way to say it, but yes you can get A LOT of air time in this map, it's made to have a good time in. There's always some type of way to completely thrash the vehicle at the end of almost every straight-a-way - and if there's not, there just might be soon enough. I am constantly adding more blocks of city and more buildings to the map (as of right now I'm working over by the abandoned mall, do have a look inside of it!). The track stone texture is actually the old ECA riverbed stone, re-colored for Roane County. However, the track ballasts are actually overlaid onto the stone, vs part of the texture itself. That part is new, the stone however, of-course some things will be re-used from old maps, I'm only a team of ONE person right now (aside of those kind folks who donate models here and there).
      So entirely - thanks for the great review - there is so much more coming in the future for this map as I've just begun. It's of-course always nice when people are so appreciative of all the work gone into this. Do keep on the lookout for more computer RAM, can never have enough of that stuff.
      The city, while much is loosely based on 'California' contains also things like windy Rocky-Mountain style highways, more depressed areas like the rust belt, and a whole slew of other bits and pieces of other cities (some/much of which is not yet in), so it's not just one place. There will be a bit of everything here.
      So yes, my city in essence, is a mutt. Hopefully a lovable mutt.
  7. tonytonyqwerty
    Version: 08_10_2019
    It`s amazing
  8. Theodore The Class B20
    Theodore The Class B20
    Version: 08_10_2019
    8/10 not as much track as i expected, plus beamdrifter's WLD (can't remember the name of it) does not want to stay on said track
  9. RandsomeGaming
    Version: 08_10_2019
    I would love to install this but i am 100% sure my pc will legit shit it self. I am giving a good rating because it seems good and if you're like me and you like to roleplay with ai xD, Too bad i can't install it i might give it a go and see if i can run it. Keep it up man.
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      This will run on a very old system with a used 30$ (in 2016) Radeon 1GB 6750 - on a FIRST GENERATION 2009-era i7. Seriously.
      Set on low or lowest details if you have 1GB of VRAM. You just need to make sure that your system has 6~8GB of system memory (different from VRAM) and you'll be okay, as I'm unsure if it will run with 4GB only.
      That being said, I'm only using <2GB of memory while in the map editor, so even if you have 4GB of system RAM, try it out. If you get an 0xFFFFFFFF error from BeamNG and a crash to desktop, then purchase some more memory for the computer - it's usually pretty cheap especially on older machines.
      You don't know until you try! Let me know in the comments how well or if it works. As long as your processor is half-decent and you don't try to run too many AI vehicles (for your system processor, video, and system memory specifications), you will be just fine to drive around and enjoy this map.
      A lady friend of mine had an HP / COMPAQ business-class machine, with an i7 950, 6gb of 1333mhz RAM, a used Radeon 6750 1gb DDR3 card, and a hard disk drive. It took a little while to load, but otherwise, on lowest it was 60fps (capped), and 30fps on LOW (while using up all the VRAM on 'low'). This was *BEFORE* I did the optimizations (and also added more size to the city and a bit more detail), so it may even run quite a bit better now, the game was also optimized afterwords, too.
      With a resounding WOW she said it was quite playable/enjoyable and was shocked how well it ran.
      It's a city, with the details you want and need, and little to none of what you don't need. This keeps the FPS - and hence the enjoyment - up.
      So again, TRY IT.
      --Good luck
  10. Sparks4
    Version: 08_10_2019
    This map is amazing, even though I haven't spent much time on it, I already like it.

    Performance is actually okay, considering the fact I am playing at 4k maxed, my GTX 970 (even though it is heavily overclocked) - it still managed to get an average of 35-40fps on the highest settings. Minus reflections.

    My specs for those who are curious:

    I7-2600 @3.9ghz
    8GBs DDR3 1600mhz
    MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G (Bios modded, and overclocked)
    Benq 28in EL2870U

    One thing to note is the ram and VRAM usage... My VRAM was pegged at 3.8gbs and 4 throughout my time in-game which makes sense. My ram usage though was pegged at 7.8/8gbs most of the time in-game before my system went into the page file - dropping my ram usage.

    Considering my PC is rather outdated, and still managed to get above 30-40fps, on this map is amazing. Those who have better hardware than mine and play on lower resolutions, will easily run this map.

    Some screenshots of my settings and in-game photos, I also included an MSI afterburner photo showing my systems resources, ram, VRAM, GPU usage, CPU usage, clock speeds, etc;
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      Switching to medium texture detail should make everything run much better, but you can keep the mesh quality up max, because I used lots of fps-improving tricks in making them.
      Above-all, THANK YOU Sir, for taking the time to make a super-duper detailed post in your review about performance (seriously, these help LOTS and LOTS).
      Your CPU is just dandy yet (surely showing it's age a bit, but you don't have to put her out to pasture yet if you don't want to), RAM is just enough, and VRAM will definitely be maxed as this uses 5.5~6.0gb or so, not including what the OS and web browser and other apps will have loaded in also (can be as much as 1.5gb especially if you have another simple game like Rimworld running in the background as I sometimes do). If on medium texture detail, you should easily be able to fit this map into the 3.5gb 'faster' section of VRAM on that card (the last 512mb of the 4gb is a bit slower than the first 3.0gb and following 512mb section, due to less links to the gpu core for the latter sections).
      So again, do enjoy, and above all, thanks a million. I spent months refining the performance (about 8~12 weeks or so, on and off, mostly about 2 months worth beginning of last Winter).
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