Experimental Chevrolets Equinox 1.0

A SUV made by Chevy with the 4 cylinder inline

    I think its self-explanatory its a chevy equinox or as close as I could get on automation there is two versions f this vehicle there is this one which is the tame one and great for just driving around and having fun and another version which is.... more... wild... you can find that one in a separate mod file

    Engine: 4 cylinder inline(transverse) single turbo 180hp@5100rpm redlines @6400rpm
    Transmission: Adv Automatic 6 speed 185kph-115.6mph
    5 doors
    5 seater
    no interior yet.
    (you can pm me for improvements on discord @Toxic_WarCat#4878)


    1. Photo9.png
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