Outdated Celestial Creator 1.1.0

Create advanced celestial bodies in freeroam with dynamic gravity

  1. UI restructure

    This update restructures the UI better and now properly works with the interal side of things much more efficiently. The only thing that isn't in here is the ability to have super binary-systems that have systems orbiting other systems (not sure if this will be implemtend since it will be complex to do, but we'll see).
    • Modified the layout of the UI
    • Changed the way binary systems work to fit in with the new internal workings
    • Added a new button which changes time of day...
  2. More fixes and improvements

    Updated to the latest version of the GR mod, along with some improvements and fixes:
    • Saturn has its own preview model to account for ring placements
    • Saturn's rings are also accomodated for when determining whether it can fit in a gap between orbits
    • Adjusted necessary textures from latest GR mod update
    • Fixed an issue where creating a new celestial in the same position as one just deleted was being prevented
    • Prevented stars orbiting a black hole allowing the ability to...
  3. Fixed vehicle deletion issues

    A quick fix to handle a vehicle being deleted but the script still referencing it, causing errors.
  4. A few fixes + texture fix

    Fixed a problem where orbits stacked on the same level as well as fixed a problem with ascertaining the map name + remembered to include the textures folder this time :p
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