Outdated Cascadia U.S.A. (4096 X 4096) 8.29.2019

Cascadia county in Washington state

  1. Big Update

    I've decided to update the map using techniques that i have learned over the past year or so as well as using some of the new assets from the updated East Coast map. Most everything is massively improved.

    Added 2 small towns, a quarry, a swamp, an airstrip, a truckstop, and i turned the mountain into a volcano. I have also added barriers to the sections of freeways.
  2. Green Stuff Everywhere

    Yes, i added green stuff. You asked for it so you got it. Green stuff. Big, small, bushy, skimpy all kinds of green stuff. Enough green stuff for everyone. Even the most eco-friendly knit hat wearing sandal enthusiast would feel at home now. Now you can't say i didn't give you anything.
  3. Fixed license plates

    Just a quick fix for the license plates. Thanks to @Brickturn for getting rid of the "no texture" junk in the background.


    1. screenshot_00002.png
  4. Tree Update

    I took @Brickturn advice and added a bunch of oak trees to make the forests a bit more dense. I also added a few more lookouts and fixed a few of the roads. On top of this i added new default Washington state license plates made by @Brickturn .
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