Cascade Triumph 423 Super Sport 1.0

A sportier version of an early 70's muscle car made by Cascade

  1. Alex_The_Gamer
    This is a 1969 Cascade Triumph 423 Super Sport, a 70's muscle car made by Cascade Motor Company.
    Engine has plenty more punch, but an open rear diff dulls that experience a bit
    HiResPhoto91.png HiResPhoto92.png
    • A CMC 423 cui V8
    • 324 hp @ 4700rpm
    • 504 Nm @ 4500rpm
    • Redline: 5000rpm
    • Weight: 1601 kg (56% front 44% rear)
    • Top speed: 234 kmh
    • 0-62 MPH: 7.86 seconds

Recent Reviews

  1. BeamCar
    Version: 1.0
    Wow! I love the way this car looks! What is it based off of?
    1. Alex_The_Gamer
      Author's Response
      well its not really based off of anything, i just combined the 3 main 60's muscle cars into 1
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