Cascade LM-R LMP2-spec Race car 1.0

A frickin' LMP2-spec race car!

  1. Alex_The_Gamer
    This is a 2011 Cascade LM-R LMP2-spec race car, a 10's LMP2 car made by Cascade Motor Company.
    Engine is a fully LMP2-spec 4L V8, with no real down points, except for the fact that it's really uncomfortable on regular roads because racecar.
    HiResPhoto109.png HiResPhoto110.png
    • A CMRD 4L V8
    • 518 hp @ 8500rpm
    • 482 Nm @ 6800rpm
    • Redline: 9000rpm
    • Weight: 1088 kg (40% front 60% rear)
    • Top speed: 334 kmh
    • 0-62 MPH: 3.40 seconds
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