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Cartoon 1.04

A cartoon style map, where exploration is the focus!

  1. moderation: fix

    Spencer Johnson
    Fixed wrongly packed zip
  2. Optimization Update

    Spencer Johnson
    Optimization Update
    • Removed lights to help with FPS
    • Added second version with lights for night
    • Fixed Some Texture issues
    • Added Two Versions - Day & Night
    Link to Night Version - https://mega.nz/file/gdgVhbBJ#NRty3ustM4pg1JcE_tkHQtEsmj1SeM9pI6blwo0MQAY

    There will be more optimization done in the future so be patient please :) I really wanna make the experience the...
  3. moderation: fix

    Spencer Johnson
    Repacked broken zip
  4. Fixed Cave Issue

    Spencer Johnson
    -Fixed cave lighting
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