Unsupported Carbon Fibre Skin Pack 1.2

Also known as Fiber to you non-brits

  1. 0.13 Update

    Adds in support for the 3 vehicles that can now be skinned as of the 0.13 update (K-Series, T-Series, and new Pessima)
    Don't know why you'd really want a carbon fibre truck but whatever...
    carbon_etkc.png carbon_midsize.png
    Anyway, Enjoy!
  2. Smaller weaves

    As requested by literally everyone who reviewed it, I've remade the skin with smaller weaves and changed the contrast between the two colours a bit more for a more realistic look.
    The weaves are only a bit smaller because I only had like 6 pixels to work with to start with. If you still want it smaller just re-review, comment on the thread for this or even PM me. I'd be happy to make it a bit smaller if that's what everyone wants.
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