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Car_Killer Showroom Pack 2.3

4 maps, 17 showrooms

  1. BeamNG 0.19 Fix

    Added 2 showrooms
    Fixed map for BeamNG 0.19

  2. Another showrooms

    Added 5 showrooms to Showroom 3 map. Courtesy of @Nekkit

    screenshot_2019-11-03_15-22-15.png screenshot_2019-11-03_15-30-21.png screenshot_2019-11-03_15-34-05.png screenshot_2019-11-16_15-55-04.png
  3. New Showrooms

    Added few additional showrooms in 80s style to showroom 3 map.
    Courtesy of @Nekkit

    screenshot_2019-11-02_16-31-51.png screenshot_2019-11-02_16-04-03.png screenshot_2019-11-02_16-07-26.png screenshot_2019-11-02_16-29-33.png
  4. Showrooms update

    Added 3 new maps to pack. Finally I decided to share these maps to everyone.

    ckvan.png screenshot_2019-03-03_09-05-07.png screenshot_2019-04-23_12-12-20.png screenshot_2019-04-23_12-15-56.png screenshot_2019-04-23_12-23-21.png
  5. 0.15 Update

    Changed reflections
    Added features from 0.15
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