Car Games V3 (V3)

A collection of Mini-Games played across multiple themes with medals and trophies to be won

  1. Compatability V0.24.1

    Fixes the bolide not spawning due to the revamp in the latest 0.24.1 update.
  2. 0.24 Compatibility Update

    Update to be compatible with the new 0.24 update.
  3. 0.23 Compatibility Update

    Fixes the issues cause by the new update, mainly fixing the UI.

    Other fixes/changes:
    Vehicle and medal changes due to vehicle tweaks:
    • Airborne 1:5 - Diamond = 550, Dev Best = 562
    • Airborne 2:5 - Diamond = 1100, Dev Best = 1123
    • Airborne 3:5 - Gold = 900, Platinum = 1100, Diamond = 1200, Dev Best = 1206
    • Airborne 4:5 - Gold = 450, Platinum = 500, Diamond = 550, Dev Best = 556
    • Swapped out all D-series trucks in car darts events to a faster, sportier version...
  4. 0.22 Compatability update

    Hotfix for the new 0.22 update:
    • Fixed bus pins being spiky
    • Fixed crystal ramps having missing textures
    • Fixed snooker balls having missing textures
    If you notice any other bugs/issues, let me know via PM so I can fix them :)
  5. Car games V3 - New Events, Theme, Hub World, UI, Sounds and more!

    Car Games version 3 is finally here!
    A large number of things have been added and changed and while the scenarios already in the mod have only been changed in minor ways, a lot of work has been down behind the scenes as well, making it much easier to maintain and adjust as needed in the future.

    The changelog below is the full list, though the "Big Changes" is sufficient to get the gist of the...
  6. Sky update

    Version 0.19 changed sky colouring - this update adds in new skybox to the planets' theme and space theme, as well as the hub world. Also fixed a typo with Car Targets 4:4 and also made the snooker-table less bright.

  7. 0.17 hotfix

    Fixed the snooker balls not rendering due to lastest update.
    Also fixed a white texture issue on the snooker texture.
    The snooker balls are now more vibrant so I also increased the cloth's texture to be brighter to match.
  8. More fixes

    A few more fixes that I didn't get around to in the last update:
    • Fixed incorrectly named high-value targets in car targets 5:4, which only gave 30 points instead of 80 points
    • Fixed incorrect image showing in the description for car targets 4:1 + removed square bracket
    • Fixed wonky trigger hitbox for cue games 2:3 which meant any ball that went too far to the right of a pocket failed the scenario
    • Adjusted a few difficulty ratings
    • Fixed wonky trigger hitbox for targets...
  9. Next round of improvements

    Another round of improvements and fixes, namely the fix to texture issues when the Gravitational Racing mod is installed (should now be fixed) and a new end screen UI that took far too long to implement :p (preview below)

    Major changes:
    • New end screen UI
    • Championship changes - each medal is now worth different amounts to balance the difficulty (average of gold is still required to pass), however it is now a 'one shot attempt' at each...
  10. 0.16 fixes and few tweaks

    This update fixes all scenarios not working as they do not have waypoints and also fixes the stars in the space levels being completely white and not showing their proper texture (rotations are currently disabled for them for now to fix this - might add this in with some matrix magic later ;))

    One other thing is that the number of medals unlocks themes now, instead of having to complete each theme entirely to unlock the next. If you go near a locked theme, it will tell you how many more...
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