Car Games V3 (V3)

A collection of Mini-Games played across multiple themes with medals and trophies to be won

  1. Car games V3 - New Events, Theme, Hub World, UI, Sounds and more!

    Car Games version 3 is finally here!
    A large number of things have been added and changed and while the scenarios already in the mod have only been changed in minor ways, a lot of work has been down behind the scenes as well, making it much easier to maintain and adjust as needed in the future.

    The changelog below is the full list, though the "Big Changes" is sufficient to get the gist of the changes.

    Note: since this is a new version of the mod, it will be going back into a Beta state, and as such, bugs and issues are likely present! If you do encounter any, feel free to PM me so I can fix them :)

    Big Changes:
    · Updated logos for all themes and events for better consistency and design as well as multipliers, juggernaut, time bonuses and nitro pickup designs and also all the medals (they are now much shinier and medal-like)
    · Re-modelled the hubworld - the old one had texture holes, collision issues and was memory inefficient, so it has been re-done, the core being the same as the old one, but now with all those issues fixed
    · No themes are locked behind medals anymore – I’ve being toying with this idea for a while of whether to have progression of not, but felt like it was not really necessary to have any progression, so that’s been scrapped
    · Rewritten the whole hubworld code because the old one was not particularly great :/
    · New scenario and championship preview UI for the hubworld for showing a preview of each scenario before playing them
    · New theme (theme 6: crystal) with 5 new events:
    · Card Darts - similar to car darts but you need to hit matching targets to score the most points. This is a multi-round event
    · Bus Bowling - steer your car into the bowling arena and knock over as many bus pins as possible
    Target Assault - knock vehicles off of their platforms with varying vehicle weights, each round taking place at a different angle
    · Stunt - a gymkhana style event when you must complete a sprint course while performing stunts such as jumping, smashing boxes, and doing donuts
    · Skee Ball - the classic arcade game with a twist - driving through sets of coloured gates gives you bonus multipliers before you then launch your car into the scoreboard.
    · Return of the trophy room:
    · Earn trophies for completing an objective in a specific scenario or for obtaining enough points in themes
    · These are built into the hub world and also come with a UI to show progress and details about how to obtain them
    · Any trophies that could have been obtained in a previous version of this mod are unlocked upon entering the hub world
    · Added many more sound effects including to the UI, targets, and powerups
    · New UI for the new events as well as a new countdown UI, hub-world specific event preview UI and improvements on existing UI
    . Redone particles – adding new particles is apparently not really possible (hence the issues in the past versions), so I’ve implemented my own particle system on top of the existing particle system for creating virtual particles as ‘groups’ particles for the couple of levels that need them (unfortunately, to create the larger particles, more single particles are needed which causes a lot of lag, so particles in the previous version are now smaller in this version to maintain a decent framerate)


    · Updated scenario medal descriptions to show each medal
    · Fixed incorrect silver medal score being displayed at the start of Airborne 3:5
    · Fixed gold medal not being displayed at the start of Car Darts 4:1
    · Removed tachometer from Car Curling 5:2
    · Changed Car Targets 2:4's car to the Drag Roamer, as the Moonhawk's front suspension was collapsing very frequently, making it a very difficult event
    · Changed Car Targets 4:4's car to the Offroad D-Series, as the new changes to the D-Series makes the current version too slow for some of the jumps – medals have been changed and your save-file will make necessary changes if your current best is now better than the medal you were awarded
    · Dev best for Cue Games 3:3 is now 5450
    · Dev best for Car Targets 5:4 is now 2753
    · Dev best for Car Targets 5:5 is now 1753
    · Fixed storm markers not flashing in Cue Games 4:3
    · Fixed respawn point in Targets 3:4 being set at the bottom of the world
    · Made the lava terrain in Targets 4:4 redder and glow
    · Fixed stars in airborne 3:5 not being solid
    · Remove random waypoint in Curling 3:2
    · Fixed respawn points not working in Targets 4:4
    · Fix Z-fighting on ground terrain in Darts 5:1
    · Updated some outdated scenario previews for the UI
    · Cue games 4:3 has a new atmosphere with fog and clouds
    · Airborne 4:4’s leaves have been replaced with trees and a few minor additions
    · Storms in Cue games 4:3 no apply a force downwards to prevent your car being thrown into the air and being sent in an infinite reset loop
    · Adjusted some rocks in Targets 4:4 to aid with fragile wheel axles
    · Adjusted how nitro pickups work in Airborne events – they are now coded using gravity meaning they are now much more consistent and isn’t affected by the orientation of the vehicle in the air nearly as much – medals have been adjusted for 2:5 to reflect this change (3:5 remains unchanged)
    · Airborne 2:5 has some adjusted scenery as well as less fog and better anti-aliasing on the ground model


    · Changed texture fonts for better readability
    · Removed border around the medal box on the end screen UI that appears before the medal does
    · New UIs for the new events
    Better updating of scoring on the top right UI:
    · Car Darts now shows current points, adjusting for multipliers
    · Airborne now shows the distance as you take off from the ramp
    · End UI formats strings better to have spaces between letters and numbers
    · Redone scoring UI - better laid out and scores also share the colour of the medal achieved
    · Redone end screen UI – handles resetting animations properly and a slightly different look
    · Redone nitro UI
    · Multiplier UI now centers everything

    · Removed duplicated models in space levels
    · Updated some cache files
    · More code clean-up - including better inheritance of event types
    · Re-organised Lua and js files for better organisation
    · Added championship medals for displaying in each theme in the hubworld when completed
    · New medal logo for dev best on start screen

    That's all; enjoy! (and thank you for over 150k downloads! That's a large number :D)

    Quick preview video:

    Some screenshots + updated logos:

    assault6.png bowling6.png carddarts6.png skeeball6.png stunt6.png screenshot_2020-08-23_17-44-59.png screenshot_2020-08-23_17-45-09.png screenshot_2020-08-23_17-45-19.png screenshot_2020-08-23_17-45-27.png crystal.png forest.png industrial.png planets.png space.png tech.png airborne.png carddarts.png cuegames.png darts.png stunt.png targets.png bronze.png diamond.png gold.png 20200823190446_1.jpg 20200823190458_1.jpg 20200823190520_1.jpg
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