Car Games V3 (V3)

A collection of Mini-Games played across multiple themes with medals and trophies to be won

  1. More fixes

    A few more fixes that I didn't get around to in the last update:
    • Fixed incorrectly named high-value targets in car targets 5:4, which only gave 30 points instead of 80 points
    • Fixed incorrect image showing in the description for car targets 4:1 + removed square bracket
    • Fixed wonky trigger hitbox for cue games 2:3 which meant any ball that went too far to the right of a pocket failed the scenario
    • Adjusted a few difficulty ratings
    • Fixed wonky trigger hitbox for targets 3:4 which caused the scenario to fail if you went the green route and went too low on one of the platforms
    • Update the cache files from the new model changes
    • Dev best for 3:3 is now 5200
    I also decided to 100% complete the mod start to end to check some of the difficulties, so expect car curling 2:2 to change since that was easily the hardest level out of the whole mod to get the diamond for ;)
    If you want to see a walkthrough on any of the levels, I'll link below that video:
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