Car Games V3 (V3)

A collection of Mini-Games played across multiple themes with medals and trophies to be won

  1. Next round of improvements

    Another round of improvements and fixes, namely the fix to texture issues when the Gravitational Racing mod is installed (should now be fixed) and a new end screen UI that took far too long to implement :p (preview below)

    Major changes:
    • New end screen UI
    • Championship changes - each medal is now worth different amounts to balance the difficulty (average of gold is still required to pass), however it is now a 'one shot attempt' at each event, where you cannot reset - don't worry, if you have passed championships in your savefile, it will be automatically updated so you don't have to do them again
    • Fixed conflicting textures with this mod and the Gravitational Racing mod

    • Fixed planet in 3:4 not showing correct texture
    • Fixed texture on snooker table's middle pockets
    • Replaced older Saturn model with newer
    • Fixed collision issues on the edges of start and end platforms
    • Target rings are now brighter
    • Fixed fog cutting off objects in space themed levels
    • Most celestial bodies now rotate (with the odd exception) again
    • Retextured other ringed planet properly
    • Remove tutorial boards in the hub-world as they are redudant and made the championship's tutorial board more clear and up-to-date
    • Added in new end screen UI (preview below)
    • Fixed timer UI giving errors in the console
    • Fixed nitro UI not displaying
    • Fixed an issue where darts events and cue games 4:3 was calling the end function continuously
    • Fixed storm marker not showing in cue games 4:3
    • Fixed camera issue with the first event when entering via the hub-world
    • Fixed medal lights attempting to be recreated everytime the hub-world was restarted
    • Fixed the odd spelling error
    • Fixed coils in curling 2:2 overlapping each other
    • Rotating discs in cue games 2:3 is now two sets of coils (the discs felt out of place)
    • Dev best for cue games 3:3 is now 4950
    • Adjusted the end to targets 3:4 to negate the problem of the engine breaking upon landing on the second route, and added some more targets
    • Finish line in targets 3:4 now applies Earth gravity to the car, preventing it flying off out of the map
    • The amount of medals required for each theme has also be revised to nerf simply getting diamond medals in theme 1 and having nearly all themes already open
    • Hub-world now uses new start UI and displays some basic information
    • Fixed car curling 5:2's timer not being smooth

    Preview of endscreen UI:
    Animation (you may need to click on it to see the animation):
    View attachment 577060
    View attachment 577061
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