Car Games V3 (V3)

A collection of Mini-Games played across multiple themes with medals and trophies to be won

  1. 0.16 fixes and few tweaks

    This update fixes all scenarios not working as they do not have waypoints and also fixes the stars in the space levels being completely white and not showing their proper texture (rotations are currently disabled for them for now to fix this - might add this in with some matrix magic later ;))

    One other thing is that the number of medals unlocks themes now, instead of having to complete each theme entirely to unlock the next. If you go near a locked theme, it will tell you how many more medals you require to unlock it (they are much more lenient than the old system so you shouldn't feel locked out of content)

    I'm super close to finishing a new mod I have been working on for the last year on and off so I'm focusing on that before adding any more content to this one.
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