Car Games V2 1.1.2

A collection of Mini-Games played across multiple themes with medals to be won

  1. Some improvements and additions

    Quite a few big changes in this version as well as a handful of smaller ones. Technically this should be V3.1 but there's enough big changes for me to classify it as V4.

    Also, it's amazing to see that this mod has nearly 20K downloads! Thanks for all of the support so far :D

    As with all updates, it is advised to backup your save file just in case, although nothing should have changed in respects to your save file.
    If any of the models/textures...
  2. New Theme!

    Hope everyone is having a great holiday so far :). Version 3 is now out and with it includes the new theme, 5:industrial. To make this theme feel more fresh, all of the scenarios have different twists such that they no longer feel repetitive and boring (hopefully).

    Main Changes:
    • New Campaign: Theme 5 - Industrial
    • Further changes to the trophy room to both accommodate the new theme and to get ready for the next update
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  3. Miscellaneous Fixes

    Just a few fixes/changes, nothing too fancy:
    • Fixed minor case where select scenarios do not check if file exists before opening it, causing the game to freeze
    • Disabled campaigns as they still do no work yet
    • Trophy room is now based in space for upcoming additions plus is changed around a bit again
  4. Save file fixes

    Last update may have caused some issues if certain data was already stored inside the save file. This version ensures that the content of your save-file does not affect future saving.
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  5. Smoother transition of Saves

    This should make a smoother transition of existing save games to the new format version and should also prevent the system from overwriting any pre-existing save data (still make sure to backup that save file though ;))
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  6. Fixes for 0.11 Update (Campaigns not so much)

    Please note that though the campaigns do now start correctly, no HTML files load! (I am still trying to finding a fix and it should be fixed soon but I wanted to get these fixes/additions through beforehand)

    Highlights/Main Changes:
    • All vehicles cannot score less than 0 points in car curling scenarios - this caused some scores to be wildly different...
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  7. Planet Ring Fix (again)

    I somehow managed to break the texture on the planet rings, again.
    Also, if you are struggling with the car curling levels (I know I have), I will be re-implementing them at a later date to work a bit nicer.

    But for now, enjoy a less terrifyingly broken ring texture (hopefully - at this point, I wouldn't be surprised if the ring texture is still broken considering how surprisingly time consuming it has been trying to fix it).

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  8. New Theme!

    Included in this V2 update is a new Theme: Planets - This theme piggybacks off of the space theme without being so difficult.

    Main Changes:
    • New Campaign: Theme 4 - Planets
    • Changed up trophy room a bit so teleporter works (doesn't do much currently)
    • Added in corresponding theme trophy to trophy room as well as medals slot
    Things to note:
    1. Make sure to clear your cache before entering...
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  9. More fixes

    Misc fixes round 5:
    • Cara Darts 2:1 - Fixed HTML file not displaying that there are two 2x powerups
    • Car Curling 2:2 - Fixed red pigeon not activating 2x powerup
    • Car Targets 2:4 - Fixed a blue target given incorrect scores
    • Cue Games 3:3 - Added a line into the HTML file to tell you about the order being displayed on the table ahead.
    • Car Targets 3:1 and Car Targets 3:4 - Fixed blue planet having black rings which do not show up in the space levels.
    • Airborne 3:5 -...
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  10. A few fixes + feedback

    Few more fixes I missed in the last update:
    • Changed portal design
    • Fixed intro screen scores for car darts: plummet
    • Fixed intro screen grammar for car targets: zero-gravity
    • Snooker-balls are a lot more stronger to prevent them from deflating so it is possible to do more quite a bit of damage (mainly loosing wheels) to your car
    Also, the trophy room may seem a bit different - it is in preparation for the next 2 themes which I plan on creating in the future.

    Plus, I...
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