Car control challenges 2.0a

don't be spoilt by ESC

  1. Traffic is terrific!

    Mark 2 - Open the taps and Mark 1 - Voyage in Utah has added traffic.

    @Gamergull thx!
  2. Compatibility fix for v0.17 of the game

    Fixed Mark 2 and variant's subframe issue

    Retuned the Mark 2 Kai so its front is not as stressed

    Scenarios in East Coast USA map has been altered to fit the updated map.

    Game version: v0.17.0.0
  3. 7th scenario added

    7th scenario "Mark 1 - Slow dance" added.

    Mark 1 rear track width reduced, so the body work soaks up more collision damage before damaging the wheel itself.

    Mark 2 Kai suspension setup changed

    I hope new map update dont completely break the current scenarios (props gone), though I expect a heavy rework to be necessary.

    Game version: v0.16.0.2
  4. 6th scenario and a new variant of vehicle

    Mark 2 Kai introduced

    Mark 1 wheel alignment changed

    New scenario: Mark 2 Kai - Lift off introduced
  5. Mark 2 launch! 2 scenarios with it

    New player vehicle added: the Mark 2

    Two new (and the first two) scenarios for it added: "Use all axles you have" and "Open the taps"
  6. 3rd scenario and props

    3rd scenario: night track "Mark 1 - Back Home in Utah" first added

    other scenarios get new props. Easier navigation is compensated with traps on the road to keep difficulty on the same level as before
  7. Second scenario: Voyage in Utah

    Second scenario: Voyage in Utah added, Mark 1's credentials filled in, time settings for the maps added
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