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Cadort Island 3.0E

Shines also at night

  1. 3.0E - It's been three years!

    After many failures and lack of interest to continue, I stood up after a great response on one of my post and everything started to receive a new layout. I focused on what I would like to have, what I could enjoy and that's what I achieved. This is now completely redesigned, with some old things still there to be seen in the same place and those that were useless were removed with some leftovers still to be seen.

    Make sure to remove the old version before...
  2. hotfix - Yellow Edition

    This update includes a fix for the Yellow Edition because before it wasn't working.

    -Renamed all files
    -Fixed and added the missing files
    -Added a texture for palms and vines when you get further from them
    -Added a small dirt path
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  3. Moderation: zip renamed

    zip renamed
  4. fix

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