Burnside Wagon Body 1.02

A wagon body for the Burnside Special.

  1. .nokau
    This is my attempt to make a wagon body for the Burnside Special.

    01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg

    This mod adds
    • Wagon Body, with dedicated parts
      • Wagon Rear Doors
      • Wagon Rear Seat
      • Wagon Trunk Tailgates
    • Nitrous Oxide Injection Wagon, re-positioned bottle for the wagon's trunk
    • 3 Configurations, Wagon, Taxi Wagon ,Police Wagon
    • 3 additional skins
      • Wagon 2-tone, shown in the pictures above
      • Wagon 2-Tone Body
      • Wagon police livery

    Skin Stuff

    Skipping the basics here.
    For actual skin tutorials check out the official wiki:
    [Introduction_to_skin_system] [Simple_skin_tutorial] [Glass skin tutorial]

    I separated the roof UV from the body, thus
    • 2 UV references can be found in the mod file, "2ndUV_body.png" and "2ndUV_roof.png" for skin making/editing.
    • 2 materials in material.cs, more details below.

    The 2 materials are "burnside" and "burnside_wagroof"
    • How this works
      • To my understanding, the game will load all the materials with the same "globalSkin" no matter how many materials on one vehicle. Shown in the Glass skin tutorial.
    Below is what to do:
    • Jbeam
      • Make it like you normally would do
    • material.cs
      • In this example the globalSkin value is "newskin" at the last line of the jbeam above. So normally just add a material "burnside.skin.newskin"
      • But now copy that and paste it below, then change it to "burnside_wagroof.skin.newskin"
      • Finally, link your textures, body to "burnside" and roof to "burnside_wagroof" then it's pretty much done.
    Further Skin Notes
    • For all reasons above, a sedan skin might need tweaking for it to work the most properly. Especially if it had colorable roof.
    • For the reason above, some part of the body's UV is also slightly offset than the sedan body.
    • UV at the rear quarters of the wagon is pretty cramped.

    Feel free tweaking the mod to your usage and liking


    1. 04.jpg
    2. 05.jpg
    3. 06.jpg
    4. 07.jpg
    5. 08.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. F150 Ranger
    F150 Ranger
    Version: 1.02
    Very nice mod, I've had it installed since you released it and I've been away from BeamNG for a while so I forgot that the wagon was a mod and not an official vehicle, top notch!
  2. Iso Nekru
    Iso Nekru
    Version: 1.02
    Absolutely beautiful! I never were a fan of the late 40's early 50's sedans with the pompous trunks, and I've always had a certain love for 50's wagons, maybe because they're not that common. Also I would have sugestion that you made a hearse variant of the car. Remove the back seat, cover the rear side windows, maybe add the little flagpoles. That would be magnificent.
  3. AMAN3451
    Version: 1.0132
    Nice simple mod,Good job
  4. mowens07 Gaming
    mowens07 Gaming
    Version: 1.0131
    imagine a wagon limo! you should collab your wagon burnside with the creator of the limo burnside!
  5. Lil Slim C
    Lil Slim C
    Version: 1.0131
    Sort of reminding me of Volga.
  6. DamienDutch
    Version: 1.0131
    Looks like Rusco from My Summer Car
  7. CrimsonCrocodile
    Version: 1.0131
    Glad to see this great mod is still receiving some love :)
  8. James 2102
    James 2102
    Version: 1.012
    reminds me of the Ruscko in My Summer Car
  9. Dog-man77
    Version: 1.012
    This is really well done, and it looks good. Time and effort clearly put in, not rushed or half-assed. Love it
  10. shade-S
    Version: 1.012
    amazing! finally a boat wagon! lol reminds me of a chevy nomad, but bigger and 4-door, maybe a Gavril grand marshall wagon?? :P
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