Burnside Wagon Body 1.0246

A wagon body for the Burnside Special.

  1. .nokau
    01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg
    This is my version of a wagon body for the Burnside Special.

    This mod adds
    • Wagon Body
      • with dedicated parts
        • Rear Doors
        • Rear Seat
        • Rear Left/Right Glass
        • Trunk
    • Roof Bars Wagon
    • Taxi Sign Wagon
    • Rear EU License Plate Wagon
    • Nitrous Oxide Injection Wagon
    • 3 configurations
      • Wagon (A)
      • Wagon Taxi (M)
      • Wagon Police (A)
    • 5 additional skins
      • Two-Tone Wagon, shown in the pictures above
      • Two-Tone Body Wagon
      • Two-Tone Sedan
      • Police Livery Wagon
      • 'Lowside' Trunk Pinstripe Wagon (Colorable)

    Skin Stuff
    Skipping the basics here.
    For actual skin tutorials check out the forum or the official wiki:
    [Introduction_to_skin_system] [Simple_skin_tutorial] [Glass skin tutorial]

    UV References
    • 2ndUV_body.png
    • 2ndUV_roof.png
    How this work
    • To my understanding, all the materials of a vehicle can be assigned to a same globalSkin value of a paint job design. Shown in the Glass skin tutorial.
    • For now we are working with the wagon body, we will be focusing on these two materials:
      • burnside
      • burnside_wagroof
    How To
    • jbeam
      • Make it like you normally would, here I use "newskin" as my globalSkin value at line 9
    • materials.cs/json
      • In this example, the globalSkin value is "newskin" at line 9 of the jbeam shown in the picture above.
      • We can copy from an existed skin material or simply add a new one as "burnside.skin.newskin"
      • Now copy that and paste it below, then change it to "burnside_wagroof.skin.newskin"
        materialcs_how.jpg materialjson_how.jpg
      • Finally, link your textures, body to "burnside" and roof to "burnside_wagroof"
      • With the implantation of PBR(v0.23), the contents of material.json are changed slightly but mostly follow the previous version.
    Skin Notes
    • Sedan skins having anything on the upper half of the car could show up weird, mainly because of how the materials are set up, but also the rear deck UV overlaps with the top right of the wagon's rear left door.
    • UV at the top of the wagon body's rear fins are pretty cramped.
    • The rear side UV is also different from the sedan body.
    Feel free tweaking the mod around to your usage or liking


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    2. 05.jpg
    3. 06.jpg
    4. 07.jpg
    5. 08.jpg
    6. 09.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Summerrain
    Version: 1.0246
    Does exactly what it say on the tin, and does it well. My favourite car body style for my favourite in-game car: Instant default vehicle.
  2. AdrenarFernet
    Version: 1.0245
    The variant that we all needed.
    Excellent mod
  3. Divepunk
    Version: 1.0244
    2-door variant? Chopped top?

    I want to make a Lead Sled out of it. As much as I like 4-door vehicles, I find when it comes to lowered oldskool cars like a Lead Sled 2-doors looks better. Also of course the whole chopped top is a big part of the look.

    Outside of no 2-door/chopped top option ATM, this is a mod I endorse I like me a wagon.
    Take a wagon over an SUV, minivan, crossover, hatchback, coupe, sedan damn near any day(Unless your talking a 2nd gen Bronco, or a Willys).

    Like the mod look forward to more updates!
  4. GhostBusterOrson
    Version: 1.0244
    This is one of my favorite mods
  5. Holiace
    Version: 1.0244
    Great looking mod. Feels like it could be part of the base game. Great modeling work!
  6. sweepwer
    Version: 1.0242
    is there a woody version coming? it would make this mod better amazing mod
  7. PowerstrokeHD
    Version: 1.0242
    i agree with the man below me
  8. AdamZ5
    Version: 1.023
    awesome mod, great job! could you add a van version with covered rear windows?
  9. Nacho Problem
    Nacho Problem
    Version: 1.023
    I love the design of this
  10. YeeBoyWill
    Version: 1.023
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