Burnside Super Special Coupe 1.0384

The Super Special Coupe for the Super Special You!

  1. .nokau
    07.jpg 06.jpg 08.jpg
    Inspired by Bernd's Burnside *Coupe+Convertible*, this is my version of a coupe body for the Burnside Special.

    This mod adds
    • Taillights Super
    • Coupe body and Coupe body Type II(no rear quarter windows)
      • with dedicated parts
        • Front Doors
        • Rear Left/Right Glass
    • Grilles
      • Grille Super
      • Grille Special
    • Hoods
      • Hood/Cut Hood Super
    • Hood Badge
      • Hood Badge and Lettering
    • An additional skin
      • Police Livery Coupe
    • 4 configurations
      • Super Special Coupe (A)
      • Super Special (A)
      • Super Lead Sled (M)
      • Coupe Police (A)

    • Note
      • pre 1.0383
        • The coupe body's UV is slightly different on the left side than the official sedan body.
        • The mod's taillights have 2 sets of Taillight Fills matching the coupe and the sedan bodies.
    Feel free tweaking the mod around to your usage or liking

    Have fun with it :)


    1. crash.jpg
    2. garage.jpg
    3. crash2.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. GhostBusterOrson
    Version: 1.0383
    I actually prefer this to the regular Burnside
  2. JRC99
    Version: 1.0383
    This is almost perfect. The one piece of (hopefully) constructive criticism is that on the interior, the rear panels still have the rounded front edge for the doors. Given that I'm not a modeler, I can't say if it's an easy fix, but I can say it's easy to ignore! I've been clamoring for a Burnside coupe for ages, but was never a fan of the rear quarter windows. It's not that there was anything wrong with them, they just weren't my style. I don't know when the Type II was added to this mod but it made it one of my favorites!
  3. vmlinuz
    Version: 1.0382
    The left taillight cover has a sharp seam while the right cover does not
  4. Zawmbbeh
    Version: 1.0382
    i love old cars, this is how i drive the special now!
  5. automationcarmaker1234
    Version: 1.0381
    Very good.
    Great addition to the game.
    Holds up to the quality of the stock vehicles.
  6. Zawmbbeh
    Version: 1.0381
    i love old cars, this is how i drive the special now!
  7. RyanCookie
    Version: 1.036
    nice! :)
  8. Gregory TheGamer
    Gregory TheGamer
    Version: 1.034
    This mod is in general a job well done. I have noticed that there was a spelling mistake on the Special Vertical Grille. Textures look excellent and the deformation is nicely done as well.

    Keep up the work!

    Rating: 4.9/5
  9. Speedmos17
    Version: 1.034
    Love the look of the super special coupe, It reminds me of a 49' ford coupe
  10. coolgamer55
    Version: 1.033
    .nokau world of mods stole youe mod
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