Burns County v0.4.5

Home of the Dirt Burners Derby Park

  1. Tweeks

    Raised the walls of the derby ring track
    Removed some trees from the map

    I tried to make the file size smaller but there are a lot of textures for the buildings in the level.
  2. moderation: fix

    car_killer: fixed mod zip issue and added missing textures
  3. Replaced important texture files

    Whilst slimming down this mod to meet the repo upload size limit, I accidently removed some of the moss textures for the oak trees. I have replaced them and hope this goes some way to improving the quality of the forest file for this map.
    This is why I have waited to upload this map for a while just when I think it's all fixed, it's not. I am learning a lot though, so I can't complain. Thanks for your patience.
    More to come!
  4. Figure eight bump fix

    Smoothed a nasty bump entering turn 3 of the Figure Eight track
  5. tunnel fix

    For some reason the terrain I removed for the tunnel came back, blocking off the entrances.
    Removed the scattersky
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