Burns County v0.4.5

Home of the Dirt Burners Derby Park

  1. HighDef
    I have made this map based off my Loaded Template Map
    This is the fourth release of this project, previous versions were shared via the BeamNG.drive Community facebook group that I help moderate.

    If you have downloaded a version of this mod previously (known as Dirt Burners or burnswip) please go into documents/BeamNG.drive/cache 0.xx.x.x/levels and delete the 'burner' folder

    This map is not considered finished but I have tryed to tie things up for the repo release. I aim to add more roads soon.

    Recommended mod for this map:
    All building and tree models and all textures are made by BeamNG

    Burns County

    A map that makes no real sense as far as layout or infrastructure.
    This map started out as a test project for working out methods to easily make detailed roads on generated heightmap terrains.
    Now it is a heaven for high speed on dirt, featuring a wide open road system across the map with lots of undulations leading to race tracks that can be used for scenarios and multiplayer.
    There are a couple of time trials for the main roads that can be reversed.
    DBTT001.jpg DBTT002.jpg

    Some residential areas can be found:
    screenshot_2021-01-07_16-39-01.jpg screenshot_2021-01-07_16-39-27.jpg screenshot_2021-01-07_16-39-53.jpg

    Also a garage and industrial estate
    garage_spawn_preview.jpg screenshot_2021-01-07_16-41-05.jpg

    There are four race track locations:

    Dirt Burners Derby Park
    Burns Jumps Course
    Test strip
    Dirt strip

    Dirt Burners Derby Park

    I have treated building this location a bit like playing a theme park game. The buildings are a little bland in their placement but I will hopefully improve everything as I work in the future.
    It's features:
    Asphalt ring, this has a slight hump in the middle to spice things up slightly
    Mud ring, this is concaved into the middle to slightly direct the action into the middle
    Rough mud oval, this track is very bumpy and is a real test of cooling efficiency, there are spotlights but no models for them.
    screenshot_2021-01-02_12-20-07.jpg DTR3.jpg

    Engine cool pond, this can be used to cool your engine by driving through it
    Autocross course
    Figure-8 course
    screenshot_2021-02-05_06-48-43.png FER4.jpg
    'Dog Bone' track
    screenshot_2021-02-05_06-48-52.png DBR1.jpg
    Hill top course
    Wall of death
    There are several race scenarios on all of these tracks (except the wall of death) using the vanilla derby configs

    The lua script used in these race scenarios is basic and will not give you a position, they will only register you finishing. I am not sure how to improve this, any suggestions are welcome via private message.

    Dirt strip
    This dirt strip over the hills finishes with an 'inversion' ramp that backfires you into the map, if you're fast enough.

    Test strip
    This wide open paved strip can be used for testing, there is plenty of prepped asphalt and a Ridge Racer inspired tunnel in the middle.
    This is still pretty unfinished as far as decoration is concerned.

    Burns Jumps Course
    This track was designed and tuned using the DSC Scarab and I highly recommend using it or something similar in order to actually clear the jumps. https://www.beamng.com/resources/dsc-scarab.15272/
    There are two configs. One variant takes the top back road that features a steep, double landing jump around a fairly tight right turn, it takes some practice. The other variant goes straight to a high jump that is not a full speed approach.
    In the middle is a mud bog section. There are time trials for both jump configs and the mud bog.

    I have also included some custom vanilla configs of three cars that are tuned right up and are great for tearing across the map on the wide open dirt roads.
    horrible_fast_HD.jpg PCfast.jpg RallyHD.jpg fast_offroad.jpg

    If you find any issues with this version please private message me on here, or here https://www.facebook.com/groups/946554878785101 Rob Herridge.

    If you wish to donate to my cause or just buy me a drink or something you can do so here, thanks in advance


    1. burner_preview.jpg
    2. drag_s_spawn_preview.jpg
    3. HTR1.jpg
    4. HTR2.jpg
    5. inn_spawn_preview.jpg
    6. screenshot_2021-02-05_06-49-14.png
    7. JCTT3.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Tweeks
  2. moderation: fix
  3. Replaced important texture files

Recent Reviews

  1. Isaac223
    Version: v0.4.5
    Lots to explore
  2. geobeck
    Version: v0.4.5
    I liked this map so much, I made a new crash video the second time I loaded it up. This is a perfect map for high-powered 4WD pickups.
    1. HighDef
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review.
  3. beastmode12_
    Version: v0.4.4
    Pretty nice and fun map. You can tell a lot of time and effort was put into this. Thanks! Also, If you don't know under the map has a bunch of no texture roads. I look forward for this to get more updates and roads
    1. HighDef
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback. It has been about 30-50 hours of work so far. The meshroads below are road tools for most of the roads on the map, I use them to mold the terrain. They will be there until everything is finished but just disregard them as a player. No doubt, some people will have already put their car down there and driven on them haha.
  4. Captainzedog
    Version: v0.4.4
    Very Cool
  5. PriusRepellent2
    Version: v0.4.4
    Great map but quite a large file, would be great if you could do a map for just the Oval track and a pit area?
    Rating 3 stars as the outer barriers on the oval track are too low, they should be the height of the car really, or at least up to the bonnet.
    1. HighDef
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback. I have adjusted those walls as you are correct they were much too low. The file size is big because it has some detailed models from vanilla maps in it. Lots of materials.
  6. ParadoxShiba
    Version: v0.4.4
    I could cook a succulent steak in 3 seconds with my computer right now, but it was worth it because this map is great!
  7. tomas piscicelli
    tomas piscicelli
    Version: v0.4.1
    1. HighDef
      Author's Response
      Thanks, the forest fix should be live soon.
  8. Jer
    Version: v0.4.1
    sorry for off topic but, I haven't gotten a review and my first mod, so I dont know if it is working? can you maybe help me out a bit?
    1. HighDef
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your rating. I will take a look for you :)
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