Built 1.7L Piccolina 1.0.5

The 1.5's slightly bigger but much badder cousin

  1. Now compatible with the Autobello Buggy

    • 1.7 has been brought into the Trackfab Autobello Buggy (made by TrackpadUser)
  2. .17 update take 2

    .17 starter sounds update take two, now with 100% less bluebuck transmissions.

    Don't upload updates at 2AM.
  3. Sound update #2

    Didn't realize the Piccolina got slightly revised sounds with .16, so here we go.
  4. Re-do Sound Update

    I screwed up a couple lines so the first update didn't actually give it new sounds once on the repo. Interesting faux pas on my part, but it is what it is.
  5. Sound update

    Updated to use the (much better IMO) new Piccolina sound.
  6. Fixed issue with engine losing power after ~8000RPM

    Never noticed problem before, so here's a fix. Whoops.
  7. General fixes

    Tweaked thermals to be a bit more like the stock engines (as well as not grenade the engine after a bit of WOT). Modified power output as well as engine strength a bit as well.
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