Brute Steelshot M.O.B. 1.0

The mobile operations base with a plow and a V12.

  1. Est_Nbmstr
    The Brute Steelshot
    is a military-focused vehicle by HAAI, that uses a 16L V12 borrowed from a large tank from many years ago, but modernized to 2020 standards.


    The 16L V12 with 60 valves provides the freshly revised locking differential 4x4 system with 2000+ lb-ft of torque and more than 1800hp. This version of the 5.7 tonne behemoth has homely comforts as well, for example a basic infotainment system and 4 bunk slots, upper bunks retracted it seats 11 people (including the turret spot), a refrigerated internal storage compartment and a small gas stove. It can run even on alcohol, consuming 45L/100km and providing enough power for the 4 batteries to charge in 4 hours, which can keep it running for 20 hours straight, all equipment on. It has been tested in harsh climates and through lots of brick walls and cars, just the steering got bent less than 7% of the times.

    (Aftermath of 150km/h into 5 car roadblock)

    The turret is a fully automatic .50 cal with an option to have it remotely-operated from the onboard systems. The plow is easily removable with the supports for easier repairs and maintenance. It has a top speed of 242km/h and a 5 second 0-100. Includes bulletproof grille/light plating, two tow hooks, 3x 5L stainless-steel cans, 2 spare wheels and 5 boxes of turret ammunition.



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