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Bruckell Roadcruiser V6 1.5

Bruckell's 3.8L V6 in the Roadcruiser (and other stuff like transmissions, exhaust, radiator etc)

  1. 0.13.X compatibility

    Updated to be fully compatible with 0.13.X and make use all of its features. Fixed textures on the radiator hose and intake pipes. Switched the radiator mesh shading to smooth. Changed the location of airboxes to avoid overlapping of meshes. Made the exhaust pipe smoother.
    screenshot_01101.png screenshot_01100.png
  2. Exhaust bugfix

    Fixed a bug with exhaust gas coming out of the engine.
  3. Full 0.11 compatibility and, of course, NOS support

    NOS-equipped V6 power to cruise the roads of West Coast
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  4. Exhaust bugfix

    Fixed a bug.
  5. V6 sounds

    Added V6 sounds and improved jbeam of the intake and the supercharger.
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