Alpha Breb's Random Vehicle Spawner 0.85

I will take the liberty of choosing for you.

  1. Breb
    Let the game pick your ride! Alleviates indecisiveness and makes garage to garage scenarios a little spicier.

    • Spawn a random vehicle in default configuration

    • Spawn a random vehicle in *any* configuration

    • Decide if Automation vehicles should be allowed to spawn

    • "Fair Mode" to make random config spawning more varied! (explained below)

    • Filters to prevent spawning props or trailers

    • "RANDOM VEHICLE" will spawn any vehicle in its default configuration (IE: The covet, in manual DXi)

    • "RANDOM CONFIG" will spawn any vehicle in any of its saved configurations

    • The circular button with the Camshaft Software logo is a toggle that decides whether Automation
    vehicles should be allowed to spawn. If green, they may. If red, they won't. This affects both random buttons.

    • The circular button with the equals icon is a toggle that controls the behavior of the RANDOM CONFIG button.
    When red, RANDOM CONFIG will blindly choose a vehicle config from the set of every config in the game. When green, RANDOM CONFIG uses "fair mode". In this mode it begins by choosing a vehicle, and then selecting one of its configs randomly.

    The goal of fair mode is to let vehicles with a small number of configs have an equal chance of spawning against vehicles with many configs.




    Thanks yous to:
    Bread, who created the original random spawner that inspired this one.

    Meywue, for this forum post which helped me figure out where to start with the LUA

Recent Reviews

  1. chaz1976
    Version: 0.85
    great for both messing around in single player as well as choosing vehicles to race with, however one improvement that I would make (if possible) is the ability to limit the randomness to only race configs for example, or off-road configs to allow for more suitable cars for certain maps to be guaranteed to spawn, aside from that an excellent addition to the game
  2. locualo
    Version: 0.85
    should be included in base game
  3. Mustang2048YT
    Version: 0.85
    that you so much for making this mod it works great (what funny is I downloaded this thinking it was a wheel pack cause I didn't read the title and only looked at the photo for it lol)
  4. Driveline Animations
    Driveline Animations
    Version: 0.85
    This is useful but as I use a lot of random cars for movies and such, I would recommend adding a "spawn new random vehicle" option.
  5. 0rangeGhost
    Version: 0.85
    thank you for reviving such a nice mod.
    suggestion: select random config of current vehicle
  6. SamTehCat
    Version: 0.85
    I have so many mods and can never decide what to use, SO glad this is here!!
  7. Nico4544
    Version: 0.85
    Very Nice. Could you add another button to toggle between replace current vehicle and spawn new vehicle? That would be awesome!
  8. TacoDoritos
    Version: 0.85
    very useful
  9. maslimepunch
    Version: 0.85
    You are my hero, this is what ive been waiting for since 0.24
  10. JowoX90
    Version: 0.85
    this is perfect. thank you so much for bringing the random spawning ability back and improving it. legend
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