Box Wheels Beora II 3.0 Breaking Point

Shoot the Curl!!!

  1. TheMurlocTamer
    Based on a cab forward custom pickup truck with surf boards on the back created by a famous toy maker, comes a box with a V8 riding shotgun.

    The fore mentioned V8 is a 4.6L DOHC 4-valve per cylinder SouthMoon tuned to 620hp coupled to a 7-speed dual clutch and AWD so it goes off the line like you hit the Nitrox button.

    Suspension is Double Wishbone up front and pushrod under the bed with 275/35R18 slick shoes. Chassis is tubular and most amenities have been tossed in the bin because race car, but is still safe and will pass tech. It's perfect to suit your crazy custom track

    The tail drags a little over 120mph due to the downforce created by the rear wing, which was a cure for the oversteer caused by the vehicle being extremely nose heavy, but it only creates some cool looking sparks. Yes, endos are possible.

    screenshot_2019-03-03_21-52-00.png screenshot_2019-03-03_21-52-46.png screenshot_2019-03-03_21-53-11.png screenshot_2019-03-03_21-53-32.png screenshot_2019-03-03_21-53-51.png screenshot_2019-03-03_21-54-29.png

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed Exhaust
  2. Stiffer springs, same balance

Recent Reviews

  1. xsam88
    Version: 2.0 The Speed of Silence
    1. TheMurlocTamer
      Author's Response
      Sweetness! glad you like it
  2. Inline6lover26
    Version: 1.0
    Vert: Wohohoah! Check it out!!
    1. TheMurlocTamer
      Author's Response
      Vert: I'm gonna be the best driver in the world!
      Thanks for the 5 star review!
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