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Beta Boomerang Race Track 1.2

High speed compatable

  1. essej818

    Boomerang Race Track (Beta)

    20200730153304_1.jpg 20200730153323_1.jpg 20200726184644_1.jpg 20200726184720_1.jpg 20200726184759_1.jpg 20200730153215_1.jpg 20200730153228_1.jpg 20200730153234_1.jpg 20200730153242_1.jpg


    • I 3d Modeled it, so it is nice and smooth.
    • Has AI only on the main track to prevent AI from making unwanted turns.
    Track Lights:
    • This map has functioning track lights that automatically turn on at night and turn off during the day. Try it at night to get a whole different mood.
    Pit Lane:
    • Includes a garage perfect for making changes to your ride before going out and testing it.
    Drivers Ed Course:
    • Challenging for some, fun for others. Brush up on your driving skills before hitting the track.
    Dirt track:
    • This has been updated, and still needs some work, but it is better than it was.
    • Every 3D model has its own collision mesh and LOD to maximize performance. All textures are dds for faster rendering. If this map lags for you, its most likely your computer has lower or old specs.
    Future plans:
    • Finish the dirt track area
    • Add some scenarios
    • Add a drivers ed scenario
    • Add more details to buildings
    • Clean up anything brought to my attention.
    When leaving a rating:
    • This is not the place to tell me about bugs. If you find a bug, let me know through the messages feature on this website. I will fix it faster, and wont mess up ratings.
    • If your computer is trash, don't tell me in the ratings that its lagging
    • Keep in mind this is still a work in progress.

Recent Updates

  1. Update #2
  2. Update #1

Recent Reviews

  1. iPlayzTG-BMG
    Version: 1.2
  2. starblockset
    Version: 1.2
    Very neat, high-quality models. Lovely to race on.
  3. Crash_master 21
    Crash_master 21
    Version: 1.2
    skrrrrr and road, sky, road, sky, road, sky, WALL!
    challenging but awsome when you get it right 10/10
    1. essej818
      Author's Response
      Thank you! Dont forget to check out the drivers education course in the center of the map to brush up on your skills before hitting the track. It does make a difference.
  4. Phym
    Version: 1.2
    beautiful racetrack and fun to drive on!
  5. RadeS
    Version: 1.2
    I like this mod before today update, because the road textures were better
    than now. they looks awful light grey:-(
    1. essej818
      Author's Response
      This looks like it could be an issue on your end. Im not seeing light gray on my end, and i downloaded it from the repository to double check. I will look into it though.
  6. Mr_StickShift
    Version: 1.2
    Its refreshing to get a map like this, large, expansive, and you even get things to do other than go one way round a track, like exploring the short road (yes I found the special part of it ;)) and its overall very cleanly done, I do find a couple of hitches every now and then, when joining the track from the expansion near the last corner, randomly blew a tyre and flew into the fence, but other than that, great map!
  7. Slyfox3647
    Version: 1.2
    nice mod bro
  8. alexsgocart
    Version: 1.1
    I like it.

    There are spots where it's bumpy/rough, but overall it's fun. There's a couple spots in the track where I gotta slow down a lot because the bank is so tall that I end up jumping it. The pit lane at the end isn't smooth and sometimes catches the tires, though you updated it and it's much better so that isn't much of a problem.

    One big issue I am having though is the reflections on the asphalt show's the orange "no texture" error. I cleared out my cache file and even removed and re-installed the mod and no change.
  9. gerardjefferson
    Version: 1.1
    Am I missing something? Re-downloaded 4 times and still does not appear in game. (Shows in repository and is not deactivated, just is not listed in tracks, levels) Any help would be appreciated and in the meantime free 5 stars for you cause it looks killer.
    1. essej818
      Author's Response
      Perhaps one of your other mods are conflicting? You can try going into the mods zipped folder and extract the boomerang_race_track folder into your levels folder. If this is still an issue, version 1.2 has been posted and awaiting approval. If that version doesn't work for you still, its most likely conflicting mods. Good luck!
  10. CarCrasher283
    Version: 1.1
    Amazing track, really fun to drive on. It has some of the most banking I have ever seen on a track in BeamNG. AI works great as well, which is makes it even better.

    Although, I did notice a few things that could be adjusted (primarily the turns.) Some of the highly banked turns are somewhat bumpy, but not bumpy enough to make driving any less fun. What is slightly bothering is the entrance to the long bend on turn 2. The right side of the transition of turns has a bump that can send you flying into the catchfence at speeds of 175 MPH. The left side of the transition is good, though there is a bump somewhere along there that can get you airborne, but not really enough to send you flying into the catchfence at high speeds.

    Even with those minor issues, this is an outstanding track. I suggest putting a wall around the bend, cause safety wise, having it just be a catchfence isn't the best.

    Also, the dirt track is very nice so far. Even though it's meant for offroad trucks, rally cars work relatively well on it
    1. essej818
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the kind review! I will work out those bumps in one of the next updates. I just pushed out version 1.2 which should be released soon which will fix a few small bugs like flickering lines. In 1.3 I plan on smoothing out any bumps.
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