Bolide Expansion Pack 1.1

JDM models, modern racing parts, customisation and more!

  1. Nekkit

    Civetta Bolide Expansion Pack


    This mod adds a bunch of new content such as JDM right hand drive models, new tuning, brings back "poverty spec" 320 models as well as a couple of racing configs such as drag one, drift one and a very well tuned modernised track beast bolide for all your simracing needs!

    A little screenshot gallery:

    screenshot_2021-12-26_23-28-29.png screenshot_2021-12-27_16-55-59.png screenshot_2022-01-01_19-08-10.png
    screenshot_2022-01-01_18-57-34.png screenshot_2021-12-28_21-30-36.png screenshot_2022-02-12_18-39-37.png
    screenshot_2022-02-13_20-31-45.png screenshot_2021-12-26_20-08-33.png screenshot_2022-01-01_19-12-10.png

    Added content:
    • New "Civetta Inizio" rims for 320 models (come in stock and rusty variants)
    • 4 new exhaust options
    • 3 new interior skins (two being colors red and chocolate, and other one being old and weathered)
    • Drag bodykit
    • Drift suspension
    • Old and weathered skin (for body and glass)
    • Drift livery
    • Japanese license plates
    • JDM Bumpers
    • RHD Interior
    • Digital dashboard
    • Deep dish center lug 16x10 and 16x12 rims
    • F1 type soft slicks
    • Body colored "Anniversary" body kit
    • Lightweight tailcone
    • Modern aero
    • Handling bags for the frunk (equip frunk w/slots)
    • Modernised high revving 3.7l v8 engine
    • 12 new configs
    • And more minor stuff for you to explore :D

    Any suggestions and bug reports are appreciated in DMs

    If you want to support my work, consider donating here:

    @Car_Killer - Photoshop help, digital dashboard from chisai and sick showrooms for cinematic :D
    @Velstydez - Drift suspension and tune

Recent Updates

  1. Update V1.1
  2. fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. the pigeon guy
    the pigeon guy
    Version: 1.1
    there is only one thing missing: the bolide version of the scintilla offroad
  2. Crablegz
    Version: 1.1
    Love these configs!

    Do you think you can add some up/down angle adjustment to the wheelie bar?
  3. Bigmane
    Version: 1.1
    Great Mod!, btw Neekit you should make or consider making a Wheel Pack, D-troxx and others are kinda old and usual, the wheels youve given us just from mods are above the rest by far, there were deep dish steelies from vaz mod that are still very good (wish it was also for 5 lug wheels), the Little VW Golf MK1, had a stance config with nice deepdish wheels, this mod also has some nice wheels, you could make a wheel pack, unless you already have and its just private.
  4. Spencer Johnson
    Spencer Johnson
    Version: 1.1
    Amazing! I was wondering if you would want to make some Cyberpunk-ish varients for my upcoming Cyberpunk Map for BeamNG, if you do hmu!
  5. Drattez
    Version: 1.1
    Bolide stock car next? :)
    With the front bumper from the drag config, I think it will look great
  6. alashazam
    Version: 1.1
    I thought the sandbags up front were indicative of a drag config, but glad to see it anyway.

    Thank you for continuing to add content to this pack, the Bolide has gone from my least favorite to most thanks to the remaster and now this mod.
    1. Nekkit
      Author's Response
      Ah, the sandbags were added as a joke since base models understeer so much at high-ish speeds
  7. locualo
    Version: 1.1
    gr8 m8
  8. Fredr3x
    Version: 1.1
    Just love the RHD and Barn Find. I’ve always been a fan for the Bolide. A rusty racing variant could be amazing! Excellent stuff :)
  9. CH4RL3S
    Version: 1.0.1
    Loving Inzio rims a lot for some reason, a remarkable mod.
  10. WarEthe
    Version: 1.0.1
    So much for the "Top Speed" config. Off to use the Track Toy!
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