BMW E30 M21D24 Diesel Engines and Transmissions Parts Pack for ETK-I Series 3.0!!!

Adds real-life engines from the BMW E30 324d and td and 2 Getrag manual/ZF auto transmissions

  1. Much more realistic now!

    At the recommendation of @MarkosRuiz, I've changed the torque curves! They are now much more realistic, without a sudden drop off, and I've raised the max RPM to 5000. Also, I changed the config plates to Germany plates (instead of Italian Plates), and I redid the thumbnails so they look much nicer and closer to those of the base game (albeit with a more scenic background)!

    Cheers, and please do enjoy!

    Diesel Torquecurve...
  2. Fixed a lot of things

    • No more weird configs showing up under the vehicle "etkichassis_16" (though parts for the legacy fix will still be available, if you're using it)
    • Fixed a bunch of typos in descriptions, namely improperly formated model years

    Cheers, and please do enjoy!
  3. Added more attention to detail, like config descriptions and true-to-real-life info and variety

    Added more configs with real-life info like MSRPs and stuff based on the actual 324d and td! Also I changed filenames to avoid any potential conflict with any other ETK-I Series diesel mods.

    Please do enjoy - cheers!

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