BMW E30 M21D24 Diesel Engines and Transmissions Parts Pack for ETK-I Series 3.0!!!

Adds real-life engines from the BMW E30 324d and td and 2 Getrag manual/ZF auto transmissions

  1. Derp_de_Herp
    Have you ever wanted to drive a sexy diesel E30 in real life but just can't, whether it's because you have no monies or you live in the states like me and can't find one?

    Have you ever wanted, in lieu of the real thing, to replicate the 324d/td but disappointingly realized that there weren't any good diesel engines and transmissions to truly recreate the authentic experience?

    Do you like the idea of fuel efficiency and slow and steady cruising down the Autobahn?

    If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, I have great news for you!

    This mod is just what you've been looking for!

    What this mod adds:
    • Accurate real-life replicas of the famous 2.4L M21D24 six-cylinder engines with torque and power values taken from Wikipedia

    324d TorqueCurve: (no turbo)
    324td TorqueCurve: (with turbo!)

    • Getrag 242 4-speed, 240 5-speed, and 260 5-speed transmissions
    • ZF 4HP22 4-speed automatic and ZF 3HP22 3-speed automatic
    • You can use all the transmissions on gasoline ETK-I engines, too!
    All of them are based on real gear ratios I had to do some research to find online (on an obscure E30 wiki!)
    transmissionratios1.png transmissionratios2.jpg

    • A diesel fuel tank with the same capacity as the real-life base E30 fuel tank, of 55 Liters on the dot!
    • Did I mention that there's a beater variant of the engine, too?
    • Everything also works with the legacy pack ETK-I (etkichassis_16 in the vehicles folder), so you can use this with the old legacy fixed ETK-W (etkiandw_legacyfix in this post)!
    • And, last but not least, some configs to help you get started for which I tried my best to make them look like pictures of the real thing!
    "2400d" vs 324d:
    2400d.png 324d.jpg

    "2400td" vs 324td:
    2400td.png 324td.jpg

    So what are you waiting for!? Download today and take a smokey trip back into the 80s...into the days where more fuel economy meant more polluting!!!

    If you like the mod, please leave a good review if you have the chance so I know to make more quality content! If you don't like the mod, though, please don't complain in the reviews section - message me first and I'll fix the problem ASAP!

    Thanks for viewing and (hopefully) downloading!

    *By the way, on a side note - This mod pairs incredibly well with Waboll's 1983 ETK-I mod!!!

Recent Reviews

  1. GeTeD
    Version: 3.0!!!
    I love this mod, it's great (i can't believe the author of one of my favorite mods left a 5 star review of my mod lol)
  2. DaddelZeit
    Version: 3.0!!!
    1. Derp_de_Herp
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much!!!
    Version: 3.0!!!
    Awesome mod!!!!!! I love old diesel engines especially German ones
  4. MarkosRuiz
    Version: 2.0
    Having driven one of this beasts in real life, I can assure this isn't how this engine (or every engine) works, specially the diesel ones. They just don't do peak (literally peak) horsepower / torque at the same RPM and suddently die.
    I don't know if this is your first ever engine in Beam; I also struggled at first to do some engines, but take a closer look at dyno graphs and wikipedia data and you'll see that power curves are shitty (don't trying to be disrespectful, just a way of talking)
    1. Derp_de_Herp
      Author's Response
      Hey I really appreciate your review, I actually didn't know that, and thanks to your good insight I have updated the mod so that is no more sudden power drop off at max RPM (which is also now 5000 instead of 4000), and the torquecurves should be far more realistic now that I've went ahead and updated things.

      If you have the time, it would mean a lot to me if you could take another look at my mod (once the update goes through and gets approved) and maybe change your review to reflect any changes I've made which you might find are for the better. Thanks in advance!
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