Beta Blkfxx's Wheel pack 1.2

Offroad wheels

  1. 2 new wheels and some changes to existing wheels

    This update includes a beadlocked version of the Gecko T9069 as well as a Method 101, both in 17x9, 6 stud

    The Method has 4 colour options, black, gold, raw and colourable along with their respective rings that are now selectable/swappable.

    The Allied Savvana has also been updated to have the option of selectable beadlock ring, giving the option of raw or colourable.

    As of right now you can swap beadlock rings between brands, this may stay and be improved (currently you'll see the inside...
  2. Some texture changes and a new wheel

    This update includes the Dirty Life Mesa in 17x9 - 6 stud
    As well as some texture changes to the other 2 wheels

    - Fixed the white seam line on the Savvana beadlock bolts
    - Adjusted satin color on Roadkills to be less dark


    1. screenshot_2022-02-16_11-27-01_1104x1050.png
  3. Hot fix for missing materials.json

    Hot fix for missing materials.json on the wheel studs
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