Black-rocket X 425Mp/h (685KM/h) 1.1

the car reach a top speed of 425Mp/h (685KM/h) and a reach 0-60mp/h in under 2 seconds

  1. volltreffer1
    this car have a 4730hp (up to 11000hp) v16 engine and with his 425mph (685kmh) its the fastest car possible in automation without modding. The car is only automation build, no other modding and coding used.

    (I said it doesn't have any mods, but with update "1.1" I've added a supercharger that has to be switched on manually. You have to go to the settings, select the motor and choose the supercharger. then go to tuning and set the "gear ratio" and "pressure per 1k rpm" to "3" then the full 11000hp should be available. Although these do not make the car faster, they do improve the acceleration.)

    Photo298.jpg Photo413.jpg Photo414.jpg Photo415.jpg

    screenshot_2021-06-09_02-04-35.png screenshot_2021-06-09_02-04-45.png screenshot_2021-06-09_02-04-51.png screenshot_2021-06-09_02-05-05.png screenshot_2021-06-09_02-05-10.png

Recent Updates

  1. addable supercharger up to 11000hp
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